October 27, 2012

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter

After the last presidential debate, many conservatives were disappointed in Romney. Bill O”€™Reilly had said this was Mitt’s chance to put the final nail in Obama’s coffin but that he blew it by letting Barack walk all over him. Others felt Romney showed presidential composure while the president acted like a goofy teen with lines such as, “€œThe 80s called. They want their foreign policy back“€ and “€œWe have these things called aircraft carriers.”€ Ann Coulter summarized this defense of Romney immediately after the election when she said, “€œI highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.”€

This caused predictable indignation from Obama supporters, Coulter detractors, and even one person with Down syndrome. Special Olympics athlete John Franklin Stephens came out with a letter claiming she had retardation totally wrong and it was actually a “€œwonderful gift.”€ (Santa was unavailable for comment, but I”€™m guessing he doesn”€™t get a lot of requests for chromosome 21.)

Unlike the shrill banshees who use the disadvantaged to further their own agendas, I actually know some mentally handicapped people. I”€™ve done videos with them and even had them edit an issue of my old magazine. My experience has been that they couldn”€™t care less about politics and are much more interested in TV shows, “€œpartying,”€ being nice, cowboys, race cars, and eating cupcakes. Only a total retard thinks Stephens wasn”€™t at least a little coerced into writing that letter. It’s depressing enough to watch NPR trot out blacks who have been trained to pretend they care about things such as Kwanzaa, but seeing people use the mentally handicapped to further their own political cause is disturbing.

“€œIf you really want to hear an offensive use of the word “€˜retard,”€™ look up what they said about Sarah Palin’s kid.”€

The whole thing is reminiscent of the time Special Olympics Chairman Timothy Shriver claimed he was “€œassaulted“€ by the comedy Tropic Thunder. The film parodies actors who go for cheap tears and easy Oscars by pretending to be handicapped. “€œNever go full retard,”€ said one idiotic actor to another, but the subtlety was lost on Shriver (who is, technically, not retarded at all) and before you know it, signs that said, “€œWE HAVE ABILITIES NOT DISABILITIES“€ were handed to the disabled and the studios capitulated. The Special Olympics got a new pulpit and became one step closer to having the kind of authority the NAACP has. What I find particularly infuriating about this particular case is the scene in the film was an attack on those who take advantage of the sympathy people feel for those with disabilities. Then, Shriver takes advantage of them by telling them they were insulted. Now they”€™re getting a retard insult that wasn”€™t there in the first place. How retarded is that?

I”€™ve worked with Justin Theroux, coauthor of Tropic Thunder‘s screenplay, and the guy is such a sensitive lefty I wouldn”€™t be surprised if he lets mosquitoes bite him. His motives for the scene were about as politically correct as it gets. I also know Ann Coulter, and her motives for her quote were clear. (I realize there’s a lot of name-dropping in this piece, but 15 years in media will do that.) She was using rude words to insult the president. Almost every time a fellow New Yorker finds out I fraternize with the Devil they say, “€œHow much of what she says is just for shock value?”€

I respond, “€œWhat exact quote are you talking about?”€

They never have an answer so I”€™m forced to break the silence with, “€œAnn talks in public the way we all talk in private.”€ If you had said her “€œretard”€ quote to a liberal in a bar that night, he wouldn”€™t pretend to be offended by the word. He”€™d be offended by the insult and say, “€œObama’s not being a retard. He’s kicking your boy Romney’s ass, you fucking fag!”€ That’s how we talk when we”€™re not scared of having our words twisted by strangers. Why can”€™t Ann Coulter talk the same way we all talk? She doesn”€™t go up to the mentally handicapped and say, “€œHiya, retard.”€ Nobody does. When I tell people that “€œnigger”€ is a swear word they always say, “€œYeah, well, would you go up to a black guy and say it to his face?”€ Not if I didn”€™t know him, but I also wouldn”€™t walk up to an old lady and yell “€œcunt”€ in her face.


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