July 17, 2018

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I’ll take that scenario one step further. Willowbrook is a part of L.A. that white people don’t enter unless they’re feeling particularly death-wishy. Willowbrook lies between Compton and Watts, the Scylla and Charybdis of ungentrified L.A. Willowbrook is 0.9 white (yes, that’s zero-point-nine). It’s made up almost entirely of blacks and Latinos, and there’s constant tension between the two groups. Last week in Willowbrook, a 91-year-old Hispanic grandpa was taking his daily stroll when he got his face bashed in by a Trumpian jingoistic right-wing hooligan who yelled, “Go back to your own country!” while crushing his skull with a concrete block. Well, at least that’s how the press portrayed the incident. The funny thing is, none of the major media outlets that covered the story provided the race of the suspect. CNN at least had the excuse of being East Coast-centric. But the L.A. Times also failed to say one word about the suspect’s description, and those corrupt hacks know perfectly well that there are no whites in Willowbrook.

Well, gosh all git up, guess what? Turns out that the “right-wing racist” was actually an obese black mama, a sassy fat black sitcom neighbor straight from central casting (except instead of saying “you jive turkeys!” she crushes the skulls of Mexicans). She bashed the old man’s head in because he’d dared to bump into a black girl as he was walking. And—surprise, surprise—the police had provided the media with not just a suspect description, but a bystander photo of “Queen Splat-ifah” taken immediately after the assault. And the press, both local and national, sat on that information, hampering attempts to identify and arrest the woman.

And last month, the national press went all (Lady) gaga after a Philly “safe house” for trannies had its front porch blown up in an apparent hate crime. But you wanna guess the key detail that was omitted from most of the media reports? The two suspects, caught on security cameras, were black males. Again, that detail was suppressed by most news outlets, and as of now no arrests have been made (because the suspect description of “two males” is a little, I don’t know…expansive).

Now think about it. These were crimes committed against leftist-approved victim groups—Latinos and trannies. Yet the media’s top priority was hampering the arrest of the suspects, because they’re black. Why would I—why would anyone—want neighbors who can commit crimes with impunity, and whose apprehension will be actively hindered by the press? I mean, if leftists protected black suspects who targeted Latinos and trannies, of course they’ll protect blacks who commit violent crimes in a white neighborhood like mine.

I have absolutely nothing against black people. I have written at length about how, when given the choice by my parents of going to a private school or attending L.A. public schools that were (at the time) 85% black, I chose the public schools, and I have zero regrets and not a single story of harassment or mistreatment. And if you’d have asked me a few years ago if I had any concerns should black people move into my neighborhood, I’d have replied no.

But things are different now. Leftists have made it both practical and rational to prefer nonblack neighbors. And that’s a terrible thing. A tragedy. With the assistance of their media “protectors,” blacks have become Billy Mumy from The Twilight Zone, demanding “good thoughts” and deference from their neighbors as misdeeds large and small are excused by media enablers who nervously exclaim, “It’s good that you did that, black people. It’s good that you did that!”

So congrats, leftists. You’re doing David Duke’s work for him. Whites have never been terribly keen on having black neighbors, but now you’ve made that choice seem practical rather than racist.

Take a bow, lefties, and savor your latest adventure in unintended consequences.

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