April 06, 2017

Source: Bigstock

Here in the U.S., the left long ago made it clear that it will throw in with the LGBT alphabet soupers at the expense of blacks (one of the more gay-unfriendly demographic groups in the nation). Black Americans are generally opposed to gay marriage, for example, but gay marriage was important to the left (there’s that whole “€œupending tradition”€ thing), and”€”let’s be frank”€”the left knows it owns black Americans; they ain”€™t goin”€™ anywhere. So, blacks vs. gay marriage? Gay marriage wins.

So now we have one of the left’s biggest gambits”€”transgenderism, redefining humankind itself, creating the massive fiction that there are no genders; a man who thinks he’s a woman becomes a woman in both the legal and biological sense. There is no understating how immensely important this fiction is to leftists. If they can pull this off, they can ream Western civ like that dude with the dagger strap-on in Seven. They get to corrupt not just culture, but language as well, as pronouns like “€œhe,”€ “€œshe,”€ “€œhim,”€ and “€œher”€ become hate crimes. This is a caper of colossal proportions, a long con being worked by some of the greatest flimflam artists in human history.

Now along comes Rachel Dolezal with a con of her own”€”one that threatens to blow the left’s game. Dolezal claims that race is fluid, that it isn”€™t biological, that belief trumps biology. You think you”€™re black, you”€™re black. If you feel it, you are it. So what’s the left (especially the intellectual top-tier left, meaning the white/Jewish left) to do? Admit that Dolezal is full of shit? That would jeopardize the most important fraudulent social experiment since the New Soviet Man. If a 100% biologically honky chick with blond hair can”€™t think herself into becoming black, how can a 100% biologically male dude with a swinging dirlywanger think himself into becoming a woman?

Transracialism is another step forward in the great battle against normalcy and common sense; the left has to back it. Sure, blacks are gonna balk. But, as I said, leftists see them as a captive audience, so let “€™em moan. By supporting an even loonier theory”€”transracialism”€”transgenderism suddenly looks a bit less insane. Even if leftists merely allow transracialism a seat at the table of accepted ideas without fully endorsing it, it’s a victory. It just has to become a “€œthing,”€ that’s all. It has to enter the lexicon. It has to be discussed with a straight face in The New York Times and by the AP. That’s all that matters.

Now, of course, there will be unintended consequences. The left might think that blacks are going to take this sitting down, and, to the extent that American blacks will never stop being leftist, that’s true. But lefties are poking a most ornery beehive. Blacks are already not exactly transgender-friendly, and the menace of transracialism might make them even less so. Black groups are already bringing their beloved brand of loud, irrational bully-protesting to LGBT events. Transracial acceptance will only make that situation worse. The more blacks are told that “€œwhite people can think themselves black, just like males can think themselves female,”€ the more blacks will become even more hostile to the idea of transgenderism, as they”€™ll (correctly) see in it the same pseudoscientific rationale as transracialism.

Like all of the left’s schemes, this will not end well. Not for Western civilization, and not for leftists and the coalitions they depend on. But, as if I even have to say it, if leftists had the gift of foresight they wouldn”€™t be leftists. So off they go, unleashing another freakish monster to terrorize the village.

The only thing is…this time, leftists might find themselves surprised by who picks up the torches and pitchforks to chase the creature out of town.


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