September 20, 2014

Source: Shutterstock

The three desert satrapies had a falling-out after the military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Saudis stuck with Sisi, the Qataris and Kuwaitis stuck with the Brotherhood. Qatar has allowed the Taliban to open offices and recruitment centers, and openly finances the bloodthirsty Islamic State. No matter how bloodthirsty and extreme the IS murderers became, Qatar chose to keep on paying and will do so unless the U.S. Marines land and force the head towel to Guantanamo, where he belongs.

How have we come to this? Big oil had a lot to do with the First Gulf War. Saddam was our friend and ally yet we chased him out of a Kuwait that was sort of a province of Iraq when it was still Mesopotamia. The Israeli lobby “ordered” the Second Gulf War, no ifs or buts about it, and Israel is enjoying the slaughter going on in Syria and Iraq almost as much as it enjoyed crushing Gaza. (Only 6 percent of Israelis were against the invasion and subsequent killing of innocent people.)

What is to be done? That’s an easy one, but it will never happen until money goes out of style. Reading the riot act to Qatar, the Saudis, and the Kuwaitis is an exercise in futility. If I were Obama—and he’s been a very good president in resisting the Israeli lobby that has been after him to carpet bomb Iran—I’d overthrow the Qatari gangsters “pour encourager les autres.” But don’t hold your breath. See you at Ascot next year.


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