January 07, 2014

George Smitherman

George Smitherman

But this time? The questions wrote themselves. A few folks were brave enough to ask them.

Broadcaster Ezra Levant sent out a series of Tweets stating what we normal, ordinary people used to be able to call “the obvious,” such as:

If this were Rob Ford’s family, we’d have a Media Party drug-by-drug, minute-by-minute tick-tock of the deadly dysfunction.

His colleague Michael Coren weighed in:

George a former drug addict, Peloso with mental health issues; yet they’re allowed to adopt. Odd!

The liberal elite reacted swiftly, predictably, and without a smidgen of irony or self-awareness. Levant and Coren duly doubled down.

Coren noted that gay Liberal Party speechwriter turned Maclean’s apparent new ombud of online compassion and civility, Adam Goldenberg, had recently responded to Coren’s column on the worldwide massacre of Christians with mean-spirited sarcasm.

“Let’s be honest,” Levant Tweeted. “This unhappy fate is what the Media Party lusted for (and worked for) for Rob Ford instead.” He reminded readers that 24 hours after his “husband” had been “found in a ditch” the first time, Smitherman had been out “partying” with a Liberal MP-elect.

This time? “Smitherman invited the [Toronto] Star into his home as he prepared for his husband’s funeral.”

A few days earlier, City Hall saw a 20% increase in the number of citizens at the New Year’s Day levée, a traditional meet-and-greet with the mayor. Clips I spotted on the local news showed that evil divisive racist out-of-touch crackhead Rob Ford grinning and shaking hands with delighted-looking black and white and Asian Torontonians. How many were gay, I don’t know.
The previous day, Ford was the first to file his papers for this year’s municipal election. If Smitherman runs again, he”€™ll likely split the “€œcandidate with a tragically dead spouse”€ vote with Jack Layton’s widow and fellow lefty, Olivia Chow.

I can”€™t be the only Torontonian who’s postponing their own suicide so I can see how this race turns out.



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