May 26, 2015

Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood

Reverend Curtis Everette Gatewood

And now, in 2015, he’s officially back (again) as an official official with the NAACP, with a new title “€“ “€œcampaign coordinator”€ (surprisingly succinct by NAACP standards). Wasting no time getting back into his groove, in April, Gatewood used his Facebook page to praise the black people who rioted in Baltimore, and to excoriate the mother who, on live TV, pulled her son away from the violence:

“€œThe mother who embarrassed, pulled, repetitiously slapped, shoved and in other ways abused her teen-age youth in front of the national media is being hailed as a hero. Do you wonder why? I say it is another act of systemic racism at work. Don’t be so quick to applaud her. This is the racist American system at work again. I say her young son was the hero, not the mother. The child was the one standing up for justice even if many don’t understand or agree with the method … The young man was right. It was the system who needed the lesson on discipline.”€

When a Facebook friend questioned Gatewood’s apparent support for violent rioting, he replied:

“€œ(The mother was) turning him into a coward and similar to what they did to slaves when they seek to escape – Whip and embarrass them publicly to send the message to all other slaves “€“ “€˜Don’t ever think about rebelling against your master or trying to escape the plantation!”€™ Then the mother slave comes out and whip her son slave for trying to run and says she is whipping him to keep the slave master from whipping him. As if the slavemaster’s whippings are going to stop because the mother whipped her enslaved son. Be for real.”€

That’s Gatewood’s morality right there. The mom disciplining her son for rioting in the street is a “€œmother slave,”€ and the rioters are heroes.

On May 13th, in Raleigh, Gatewood gave a keynote speech along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the Rally for Racial and Environmental Justice. North Carolina NAACP President Rev. Dr. William Barber wrote, in the NAACP’s official press release announcing the event, “€œI”€™m delighted Rev. Curtis Gatewood, a strong servant of justice, is able to be there in my stead on behalf of the NAACP.”€

The NAACP will continue to shelter Gatewood, or cower from him, as it also continues to smear conservatives as “€œracists.”€ The next time the NAACP rails about the speck in a conservative’s eye, let’s not forget about the giant, hulking, indestructible log that haunts its North Carolina chapter.

(Officials from the North Carolina NAACP refused repeated requests for comment regarding Rev. Gatewood)


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