May 31, 2013

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

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The media is in cahoots with the PC scum, which silences those who don’t think alike and uses the very same media to do its dirty work. (While a white soldier is being hacked to death in London, top golfer Sergio Garcia may lose his sponsors because he makes a joke about fried chicken and Tiger Woods.)

Racism is a slogan designed to suppress constructive thought. Suppressing free thought has always been around. In the Middle Ages it was the “H” word, as in “heretic.” Now it’s the “R” word for “racist.” That’s how they got Enoch and that’s how they’ve managed to bring Europe to the state it is in today.

I write this in the airport in Nice just after seeing the news of the murder. As I write there are riots in Sweden—race riots, but the media are not reporting the fact that African and Muslim crowds—who came to Sweden solely to collect generous benefits—are attacking the police after a knife-wielding criminal was shot. There is no greater welfare state than Sweden in the whole wide world, yet African and Muslim immigrants on benefits with medical care and free housing—plus four youth centers within a radius of a few miles in northern Stockholm—are rioting because they cannot be provided with jobs adjacent to their housing! The Swedes deserve what they’re getting for having open borders where Africa and the subcontinent are concerned. But heaven forbid if one writes that in a Swedish newspaper. In America, as over here, the newspapers and television do not report a person’s color after a crime has been committed, only what kind of baseball cap he was wearing. See what I mean by oppressing free speech?

Nothing will come from the horror in Woolwich. Pompous politicians will give pompous speeches on television. No real measures—such as immediate deportation for anyone carrying a sign that incites violence—will be taken. Hate speech in mosques will not be monitored, nor will the hate preacher be arrested and deported. None of this will happen because the lefties in the Guardian might object. Our elites are as anxious to denounce the English Defence League as they were the bloody horror perpetrated in the name of Islam by those two black hoodlums.

A lot of people ask me why I don’t live in London anymore. Now you know. PC drove me out five years ago.



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