May 31, 2013

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

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Do any of you still like the dreaded word “diversity,” which is proudly flung around by those who squirm when the great Enoch Powell’s name comes up? If anything, Powell was a prophet, and after the latest London outrage, his so-called “Rivers of Blood” speech sure comes to mind. He got it right while midgets such as Heath and Howe sold and keep on selling the country out to diversity. Can any of you imagine a time when a British soldier was unsafe wearing a military uniform in his own country? Well, yes, when the IRA was blowing up horses and soldiers off the Hyde Park barracks, but Tony Blair made nice with them and those same nice guys collect English pounds and don’t even bother to attend Parliament. This same war criminal Blair, who lied and got Britain into two unnecessary wars so he could play big international statesman alongside the idiotic George W., is out collecting millions, none of which will go toward Drummer Lee Rigby’s two-year-old son or the rest of his family.

There is something very, very wrong here. Blair lies and plots and ends up getting thousands killed and crippled, making millions out of it. Rigby follows orders, does his duty, and gets hacked to death.

“A lot of people ask me why I don’t live in London anymore. Now you know. PC drove me out five years ago.”

Channel 4 News invited the scumbag Choudary, a self-proclaimed imam, to speak his mind, and he sure did. Not a word about the victim and the cowardly crime of hacking a defenseless man to death with knives and meat cleavers, but plenty about what victims he and his fellow Muslims are. The idiotic woman interviewing him should have jammed the microphone in his ugly bearded face, gouging his eye out; instead she politely let him get on with it. Yet as a fellow panelist pointed out, the scumbag Choudary makes more than 25,000 pounds a year on benefits alone, far more than Private Rigby ever made while risking his life for his country. But I have yet to hear one of those pompous assholes in Parliament stand up and ensure that hatemongers such as Choudary have their benefits rescinded.

Britain is paying more to those who preach hate and encourage scum to go out and kill in cold blood than their victims earn while working and making an honest living. This is such an outrage, I’m happy not to be in London as I write this. Especially not in the vicinity of those pretentious types who sprinted toward the microphones to tell us that this murder most foul will make our community stronger. Like hell it will. Not as long as filth such as Choudary are allowed to live among us.

Socrates was the greatest of philosophers because he was the first to recognize and teach that virtue is knowledge and that we cannot be good until we know what is good. Enoch Powell knew full well what England was getting into by opening her borders to Muslims and Afro-Caribbean races. He also knew that the welfare state encourages indolence, lack of initiative, and the exploitation of the public purse. It also discourages an independent mind. The two subhumans who hacked an innocent young man to death are ignoramuses. They believe the rubbish that their hate preachers instill in their mini minds—hate preachers that our elites have tolerated all these years out of fear of being called racists.


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