July 03, 2007

James Kirchick of the limping New Republic has shown his totalitarian stripes. In a silly, probably libelous blog he attacks the good Taki as racist, anti-Semitic, yadda-yadda…. Yawn. Then he goes further, asserting: The best argument for the Estate Tax—next to MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16”—is Taki.  Ah yes. Those pesky dissenting opinions—it’s essential they be completely quashed. There must be no money free of social control, no medium uncensored by the likes of Marty Peretz. Perhaps the new slogan of TNR ought to be: Billions for war in the Middle East, not one penny for dissent. (Along those lines, is there any chance of confiscating Peretz’s fortune, and putting it some good social use? Perhaps it could go toward treating the soldiers at Walter Reade who died enacting Neocon power fantasies? Just a thought….)


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