March 03, 2008

Some other publications have characterized their founding as a “€œstanding athwart history yelling stop”€ or a taking part in the “€œsevere contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.”€

Taki Theodoracopulos, our beloved editor, publisher, and mentor, has always described our task a bit differently”€”something more in the line of shaking up a conservative movement “€œdominated by a bunch of pudgy, pasty-faced kids in bow ties and blue blazers who spent their youths playing Risk in Gothic dormitories while sipping port and smoking their fathers’ stolen cigars.”€ And don”€™t forget, taking on a “€œneoconservatism”€ that amounts to a “€œvery low-grade jingoism, driven largely by the desire of overweight layabouts with penis envy to feel macho by sending other, better men off to die.”€ 

It’s with these proscribed labors in mind, that I”€™m very pleased to present the newly redesigned, and fully Podhoretz resistant, Taki’s Magzine. Our original name, “Taki’s Top Drawer” will remain, denoting a section of the site dedicated to housing the very latest, and the very best, from the poisonous pen of Mr. Theodoracopulos.

Under the “€œTaki’s Magazine”€ umbrella, there will be much more. Multiple new articles on politics and culture will be published each week, displayed as you can see, in our nifty slide show. Our site will also have a new emphasis on blogging. “€œTaki’s Daily”€ is to be the place for our regulars”€”Taki, Zmirak, Epstein, Sietz, Larison, Raimondo, Piatak, Gottfried, myself, and some others”€”to offer up blogs displaying evidence of research and thought. This will also be a great place for new writers to chime in.

Our other new section, “€œThe Sniper’s Tower,”€ is the platform for attacks of a reactionary and rightwing nature, stray thoughts that won”€™t make much sense the next morning, the occasional civilized discussion, and perhaps a few treasures netted in the Boschian pit of horrors and delights that is YouTube.

Each morning, I”€™ll also update an internet syllabus that lists all the things, in addition to Taki’s Magzine, that you should be reading while pretending to work. 

Please have some patience as we retool and work out the kinks. We”€™re getting ready to open up a new front in the long struggle against the armed prophets stationed at the American Enterprise Institute, the multi-culti socialists inside the beltway, and the armies of vulgarity in NYC and LA. Onward!    


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