May 11, 2015

Source: Facebook

For those who still want to drag out the “white privilege” canard, yes, on average, white Americans enjoy a higher per-capita income than blacks and Hispanics. But they suffer a lower per-capita income than Asians and Jews. So it would seem that our economic system is more designed to reward mean group intelligence rather than white skin.

But Asians, Jews, blacks, and Hispanics are all encouraged to fairly bask in their ethnic identity. Whites are not. And when whites inevitably become an American minority”€”a demographic fact that seems to make many nonwhites and all of the “good” whites absolutely giddy”€”will they still be denied the privilege of acting in collective self-interest without being ostracized and demonised?

It seems likely, but it may not matter. By then, survival may seem more urgent than avoiding disapproval. If the modern American situation becomes akin to what happened after the Haitian Revolution or after Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, white meat may start being hunted for sport. And that may cause white people to rapidly start “appreciating” themselves whether others like it or not.

In the face of last week’s backlash and alleged bomb threat, Rubbin’ Buttz’s owners said that they did not plan to abandon White Appreciation Day, but they will instead extend their 10% discount to everyone. In a desperate gesture of appeasement, they even began trotting out MLK and Anne Frank quotes on their Facebook page.

The fact that Antillon and Jimenez are Hispanic probably means that their restaurant will survive the backlash. It’s currently far less scandalous to be pro-white if you’re not actually white. But last month in New Jersey, a white deli owner was run out of business after he put up a “white history month” sign in his store window. His sin, but of course, was simultaneously being white and being OK with it. These days, that’s as blasphemous as parading a pork chop through the dusty streets of Mecca.


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