May 11, 2015

Source: Facebook

Despite the ceaseless yippety-yap one hears about “white privilege,” the glaringly obvious privilege currently denied to white Americans is the privilege to feel OK about their racial identity. Unless you wear your skin as if it were a guilt-laden hairshirt, and unless you frame white history as nothing more than one giant unpardonable sin against humanity, you will be hounded and mocked and derided and demonized. The way things stand in the modern mainstream narrative, there is no such thing as a “self-hating white person.” Instead, those are known as the “good” whites. The remaining whites”€”the ones who either take pride in their racial identity or really don’t give a fig about it either way”€”are witches in the process of being rounded up and burned at the stake.

When I was younger and more easily manipulated by propaganda, I was naïve enough to think that being against “racism” meant that everyone should be required to lay down their tribal spears and join one big happy drum circle. I never expected that the more that white people willingly discarded their group identity, the more that other groups would double down on their own. I didn’t think every concession would only bring demands for more concessions. But over time I wised up and realized it was all a sly game of ethnic musical chairs that ultimately had white people falling on their ass.

“€œWhite pride is the only sort of ethnic identity whose expression is all but legally forbidden. It’s certainly the biggest cultural sin you can currently commit.”€

White pride is the only sort of ethnic identity whose expression is all but legally forbidden. It’s certainly the biggest cultural sin you can currently commit.

This was all made howlingly clear last week after a Colorado barbecue joint announced that it had designated June 11 as a “White Appreciation Day” during which a 10% discount would be offered to all white customers.

The barbecue joint in question bears the decidedly déclassé name of “Rubbin’ Buttz” and is located in the tiny burg of Milliken, Colorado, which somehow manages to simultaneously be 73.89% white and 40.75% “Hispanic or Latino.” The town is less than one third of one percent black, which is a heinous affront to black Americans’ grand and noble tradition of spit-roasting pigs with great aplomb. And let’s temporarily banish from our minds the undeniable fact that serving pork”€”AKA “the other white meat””€”is inherently anti-Semitic and Islamophobic. Please try to understand that articles of this length only permit me to deal with so much imaginary hatred at a time.

The kicker here is that Rubbin’ Buttz’s co-owners are Hispanic rather than Anglo. Edgar Antillon’s parents were born in Mexico. His partner Miguel Jimenez is also of Mexican descent. Antillon told a reporter that his idea for “White Appreciation Day” came from a discussion he had with Jimenez. He says the idea began as a “joke” but morphed into something more serious:

We have a whole month for black history month, we have a whole month for Hispanic heritage month, so we thought the least we could do was offer one day for white people.

Of course this did not sit well, especially with the millions of “good” white people on social media. The standard retort was that EVERY day is supposedly “White Appreciation Day” and our culture is unfairly rigged to favor whites above all other groups, and if you can’t see that, you must be some toothless racist Neanderthal redneck whose demographic demise and eventual extinction is the only thing worth celebrating here.

Antillon even claims he was forced to temporarily evacuate the restaurant after receiving a bomb threat. We live in a creepy and insane era where people make bomb threats in the name of tolerance.


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