February 11, 2008

When Andrew Sullivan jumped on the Ron Paul bandwagon, I didn’t mind all that much. After all, the more the merrier. It was all—supposedly—part of his sudden conversion to antiwar, anti-interventionist common sense, and he was sorry, sorry, sorrrrrry that he’d advocated nuking Iraq (yes, it’s true).

Yet I became suspicious when he started banging on about the Kennedyesque charms of Barack Obama, but I attributed this to a need to be contrarian, combined with his admirable disdain for the Clintons, and thought no more about it. However, my worst suspicions were confirmed when he started pushing … Mad John McCain. Talk about being easy! And now, this morning, he’s telling us that McCain … well, I’ll let him tell it:

“Which of the three remaining candidates would be most able to withdraw troops from Iraq? I didn’t say most likely, I said most able. To my mind, the answer is John McCain. When he says the war is done, it will be. If he decides we have done all we can, he will be able to muster a majority to get out.”

What “majority” is needed to get out? The commander-in-chief could do it unilaterally. And the American people, in their majority, surely want out. It’s true, though, that when McCain says the war is done, it truly will be done: perhaps because we’ve killed all the native Iraqis capable of picking up a gun, or even a stone to be thrown in anger. This moment will no doubt occur at the end of McCain’s projected 100-year occupation of Iraq.

What gets me about Sullivan is that he rails against “homophobic” stereotypes, even as he reinforces the worst of them in his own behavior, adding intellectual-ideological promiscuity to the more familiar sort. From Paul to Obama to McCain—he’s the Paris Hilton of the Beltway punditocracy, getting passed around and loving it.


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