September 02, 2014

“€œExotic dancers. They”€™re not exotic, and they”€™re not dancers,”€ explains comedian Ellen Cleghorne here.

“€œIt’s like calling a pedophile an “€˜exotic babysitter.”€™”€

That joke popped into my head when I read about gay stripper “€œMickey D Liscious,”€ who also worked with teenagers at a big Canadian charity, until word of his “€œnight job”€ leaked out.

Pretty juicy story, but unless you”€™re familiar with, you”€™re just hearing about it now.

Normally I avoid “€œpro-life”€ stuff, and I”€™m (mostly) on their side. Only recently has the movement even bothered trying to slough off its (well deserved) image as a mob of humorless, illiterate, asexual, stubbornly ineffectual bumpkins, wielding plastic fetus dolls, cheap rosaries, and “€œbaby footprint”€ lapel pins instead of torches and pitchforks.

Luckily, that pro-life generation is finally dying off. Younger anti-abortion activists tend to be more media savvy, articulate, and, frankly, attractive.

“€œIt will surprise no one who’s been paying the slightest bit of attention that such an enterprise would attract, and employ, a gay burlesque performer with a B.A. in “€˜Theatre and Sexuality Studies.”€™”€

And LifeSiteNews isn”€™t your spinster aunt’s pro-life media outlet.  The site’s slick design is paired up with original reporting on a variety of subjects.

Which brings us to the sorry saga of mischievous moonlighter Mickey D.

Tipped off by an anonymous commenter at another website, LifeSite’s Pete Baklinski did a little digging.

On the program for Converge 2010″€”a gay/socialist event organized by a Toronto teacher and NDP candidate”€”the real name of Mr. Liscious was listed as Mike Lorsch. There, the “€œLiscious/Lorsch”€ fellow was part of a panel on “€œBodies, Bellies and Burlesque,”€ in his capacity as a performer for a troupe called Boylesque. (Slogan: Putting “€œmale nudity and sexuality back center-stage where it belongs.”€)

This matters because Lorsch, it turned out, was also the manager of leadership programs for a charity called Free the Children. His duties included supervising teenagers at home and abroad.

Some background: Free the Children was founded almost twenty years ago by inescapable Canadian butt-pain Craig Kielburger, who walks among us as the incarnation of Charles Dickens“€™ most irritating characters.

At age 12, a newspaper story about the death of a child laborer in Pakistan inspired Kielburger to journey to that godforsaken litter box, with his parents”€™ approval, to scold the authorities.

Some have questioned Kielburger’s version of that child laborer’s death, among other things, and have received takedown notices for their pains. However, I doubt that even Canada’s suffocating libel laws prevent me from merely reflecting upon the eccentric, slightly ghoulish, and paternalistic flavor of that adventure, one which launched Kielburger’s quest to, in his own words, “€œtake over the world.”€

His first nonprofit, Free the Children, metastasized into a handful of do-gooding enterprises, including a for-profit called “€œMe to We.”€ Kielburger, now in his early thirties, has, like many grown-up child “€œstars,”€ failed to live up to the promise of his precocious adorability. However, he retains enough charisma to convince Canadian school boards (both public and Catholic) to send tens of thousands of students to his annual “€œWe Day”€ stadium rallies.

The “€œCatholic”€ bit is relevant because, as LifeSiteNews points out, Free the Children “€œhas produced documents supporting legalized abortion (later retracted); promoted Planned Parenthood; stocks and provides contraceptives in its overseas health clinics, and often provides a platform for pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians and celebrities at “€˜We Day.”€™”€

At these high-energy, music-filled events, earnest young people”€”some of whom even attend Craig Kielburger Secondary School“€”are exhorted to embrace “€œsocial justice”€ and “€œraise awareness,”€ and none of this sounds even slightly totalitarian or cultish.

It will surprise no one who’s been paying the slightest bit of attention that such an enterprise would attract, and employ, a gay burlesque performer with a B.A. in “€œTheatre and Sexuality Studies.”€

So when he wasn”€™t “€œfacilitating”€ and “€œempowering”€ “€œyouth”€ by day”€”and being named Free the Children’s “€œRookie of the Year”€ for his efforts”€”Mike Lorsch was a stripper with Boylesque by night. Hey, how many recent grads can boast of actually landing jobs in their major field?

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