December 09, 2016

Source: Bigstock

Hollywood and television, of course, are as enraged as the Fourth Estate is with Trump’s victory. Late-night comedians are having a field day attacking the deplorables, close to 60 million the last time I counted. But let’s get serious. It is also our fault—by us I mean we the deplorables. If 60 million Americans refused to watch HBO and the disgusting British freeloader John Oliver, if we boycotted the three main networks, if we discontinued reading the NY Times and The Washington Post, if we demanded that those grotesque women on CNBC, ABC, and CBS be let go or else, perhaps the main media might think again. Money, after all, is their god, and 60 million is a hell of a lot of folks, as they say.

Mind you, the media’s approval rate is at an all-time low—32 percent—which means the media are far less loved than their favorite target, the Donald, who stands at 51 percent. The New Yorker is a very tired, extremely boring shadow of a once-fun magazine, whose values are similar to those of the Times: Lesbians, gays, transgenders, and bisexuals are superior to normal people, blacks better than whites, and those on welfare a step above those who work for a living. To New Yorker readers most Americans are yokels who live in flyover country, an ignominious swath of humanity. They are the invisibles whom late-night comics make fun of nonstop. These are the people whom the very homely Amy Schumer, niece of the New York senator and minority leader Chuck Schumer, mocked before threatening to leave the country forever if their choice prevailed. She made 17 million greenbacks last year. Next time you see her name anywhere, give it a miss.


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