December 09, 2016

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It had the same effect on them that a man sitting in a front-row seat and sucking a lemon has on the lead flutist performing a Mozart concert. “Them,” needless to say, are the “elites,” a misnomer if there ever was one for the rabble that is Hollywood types, engaged ladies who lunch, cheap celebrities, media persons, reality stars, postmodernist professors, Davos people, LGBT activists, women of color in general, and women of color with more than ten children by different fathers in particular.

By comparison, an Italian mob whose team was denied a penalty as the final whistle blew was quite serene and sportsmanlike. (They nevertheless set fire to the stadium and tried to murder the referee.) I have witnessed less emotion and seen fewer tears in Cairo after Egypt’s favorite strongman Nasser dropped dead from a heart attack. (At least a hundred people committed suicide.) Finally, there was less anger by a Mexican father 55 years ago when I ran off with his daughter while her rich fiancé waited for her in vain back in Paris. (He nevertheless attacked me, ignoring the fact that both my legs were in plaster after a skiing accident.)

“The media are far less loved than their favorite target, the Donald.”

Yes, dear readers, the reaction by our “elites” has been extraordinary. The sanctimonious and mendacious NY Times, a newspaper that puts good old Pravda to shame, leads the field in abandoning all pretense of objectivity, yet the Donald chose to visit that den of iniquity and lunch with people who have called him names I wouldn’t call Bill Clinton’s child-molester buddy Jeffrey Epstein. Roger Cohen, a bald columnist for the Old Hag who prides himself on being a peripatetic cosmopolite, called the election not only a fraud but a “looming apocalypse.” Before the vote that shook the world, Cohen warned us that voting for Trump was equivalent to voting for Adolf Hitler back in 1933.

Another sarcasm-challenged columnist of the Old Hag is Nicholas Kristof, a man who hates whites, Christians, heterosexuals, and, although I’m guessing here, most likely apple pie. Kristof loathes General Flynn and claims he shills for Russia. The fact that Kristof’s employer shills for Mexico is neither here nor there. Kristof also hates Steve Bannon, whom he calls a white supremacist, an anti-Semite, an Islamophobe, a homophobe, and a misogynist. My, my, all these boys drawing their paychecks from Carlos Slim, whose $40 billion fortune was built on the backs of Mexican peons, sure like to call people names. When the neocons were shilling for Israel and taking George W. Bush down Iraqi Way, Times voices were muffled to the extreme. His nomination and election seem to have brought on a collective nervous breakdown. Nurse, help!

The outrage I liked best was that by the usual suspects with the word “rational.” Fear of Islam is, of course, rational, but not for those in the media who loathe white, heterosexual Christians, a far, far bigger threat to the politically correct than any bomb-throwing bearded Arab maniac. And it gets better and better. Media types are in the forefront of crying wolf by imagining what things will look like if “the unsavory elements that tore through the 2016 election” win out. You, dear readers, are the unsavory elements; you are the ones who used false narratives, fake news, and aggressive efforts to delegitimize traditional journalism. Poor traditional hacks: Why are we being so cruel to them? Even after watching that ghastly Martha Raddatz of ABC spilling tears on election night. (Raddatz is so ugly, the tears should have been shed by her husband, if she’s got one.)


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