December 15, 2016

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Hurts, don”€™ it?

Leftists have the expectation that they should be able to collect “€œedgy”€ art that sexualizes children without being accused of pedophilia. Hey, comrades”€”want to know an expectation that some of us on the right have? That we can tell a fucking joke without being accused of being hateful or crazy. We”€™d kind of like to be able to employ sarcasm and irony without you a-holes claiming we”€™re being serious. But when have you ever cut us that slack? When, in his dissent in the gay-marriage case, the late Justice Scalia took a clearly humorous swipe at California, stating that among his fellow justices there is “€œnot a single Southwesterner or even, to tell the truth, a genuine Westerner…. California does not count,”€ Scalia was pounded by the press for “€œclaiming”€ that he doesn”€™t think California counts as a state (the fact that Scalia’s friend Justice Kennedy is from California made no difference). Conversely, every time leftist Justice Kagan has made a joke from the bench, she’s been hailed as “€œhilarious“€ and “€œamazing.”€ Back in 2009, when Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld cracked a joke about Canadian soldiers, not a single one of the outraged media liberals who attacked him bothered to mention that Red Eye is a comedy show (in other words, Gutfeld was not given the “€œhey, it’s political humor“€ out that Stewart and Colbert were always allowed).

And speaking of Red Eye, regular viewers knew that one of Gavin McInnes”€™ favorite bits was to play the role of his immigrant father, Jimmy, speaking with a burr and sporting traditional Scottish wear. It was a bit, an impression. But not to a feminist editor at Salon, who posted a piece in which she speculated that McInnes”€™ “€œpersonality change”€ was a sign of severe mental illness. When a leftist does an impression, it’s an impression. When a rightist does the same, it’s multiple personality disorder. When Rush Limbaugh dared to do an over-the-top caricature of the Chinese language, the left declared it a crime against humanity. The fact that Colbert, SNL‘s Bill Hader, and the genuinely mentally ill Rosie O”€™Donnell had done the same thing many times over made no difference. Leftists mocking the Chinese is comic genius; rightists doing the same is a hate crime.

So, in conclusion: Oh, leftists who are pissed off about Pizzagate, I”€™m sorry that a few “€œnaughty”€ pictures and paintings have been misinterpreted by an unreasonable gaggle of nutty activists. I hope no one else attempts any violent acts in the poor beleaguered pizza parlor (you know, like the guy who shot up Freddie’s Fashion Mart and murdered seven people because “€œcivil rights”€ icon Al Sharpton claimed the place was a secret hotbed of racism).

Stay safe, my leftist friends. And maybe, from this experience, you can develop a little empathy for those of us on the right.

Leftists learning empathy…wow, even I think that’s a bad joke.


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