February 09, 2015

Louis Vasquez (courtesy of Covina Police Department)

Louis Vasquez (courtesy of Covina Police Department)

“€¢ In 2009 federal prosecutors indicted a whopping 147 alleged members of LA’s Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang“€”that’s a Mexican gang, in case the “€œVarrio”€ wasn”€™t enough of a tip”€”on an array of criminal charges. Prosecutors alleged that racial hatred impelled the gang to ethnically cleanse their neighborhood of blacks.

“€¢ Between April and August 2010 in the Port Richmond section of Staten Island, NY, there were ten recorded incidents of blacks attacking Mexicans. (The writer of that linked column claims that the root cause of the attacks was “€œinstitutionalized racism”€”€”i.e., it’s the gringos”€™ fault”€”and for that she really needs to shove 20 burritos up her ass.)

“€¢ In 2012 alleged gang member Ulysses Ocampo reportedly approached a darkish mulatto man and said, “€œYou”€™re not one of those Crip or Blood faggot niggers, are you?…We don”€™t want no niggers in our ‘hood”€ before punching him in the face. Despite Ocampo’s alleged comments prior to the attack, a judge did not charge Ocampo with a hate crime.

If you notice a pattern there, it’s that Mexicans tend to prey on blacks in West Coast cities where they”€™ve already become an undisputed majority, while it’s blacks preying on Mexican intruders in East Coast cities where blacks still hold a numerical advantage.

To blame this all on capitalism or white privilege or institutional racism or ethnic redlining is to close your eyes, plug your ears, and ignore the obvious. All human events are better viewed through Darwin than through Marx. This is a classic turf war between animals who view themselves as different breeds. And it’s only natural; rather than the ethnic harmony that the salesmen keep trying to pitch us, diversity usually breeds conflict. If demographic trends continue, Mexicans will have the clear numerical advantage in this simmering war. They already seem to have an organizational edge”€”the Mexican Mafia has allegedly issued orders from prison for Hispanic gang members to quit squabbling among themselves and work together to drive out all mayates from the barrios. The masterminds behind black organized crime don”€™t seem to be nearly as organized.

This silent war is happening on a scale that would ensure wall-to-wall media coverage if white people were involved in any way. But since it doesn”€™t fit the script, it winds up on the cutting-room floor.


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