June 06, 2014

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

That’s the president we wish we had in the White House. Instead, we have what Greg Gutfeld called “€œThe emperor that has no clue.”€ It appears Obama didn”€™t even get up from his spaghetti before he and his publicists turned this prisoner exchange into a feel-good publicity stunt. Did they even Google “€œBowe”€ first? I believe this administration was genuinely surprised this whole thing didn”€™t turn into a Captain America movie.

Obama’s cronies at MSNBC were equally outraged that things didn”€™t work out. Towering beta male Chris Hayes asked why “€œThe Right,”€ as he keeps calling everyone who isn”€™t him, is saying we “€œshould have left an American soldier behind.”€ Politics is sports to these people so he ignored the tirades against Obama we saw from non-conservatives such as Jake Tapper, CNN, the Daily News, and Chris Matthews, and said the whole thing was a hypocritical conspiracy to make the president look bad (probably because he’s black). MSNBC seemed to believe this soldier could do no wrong because he’s a soldier, meanwhile doublethinking that the soldiers who were calling him a deserter were a bunch of lying scumbags.

Non-MSNBC coverage was also flawed, bringing up irrelevant details like he was a “€œballerina,”€ the father praising Allah at the Rose Garden, and that the organization that took him was Haqqani, which is technically not Taliban. Some assumed Obama chose this guy precisely because he was anti-American and it was all a premeditated move to demoralize the troops. Others claimed Bergdahl may have been a spy and the president’s hand was forced after Bowe’s cover was blown.

As with almost all conspiracy theories involving big government, they are giving these bureaucrats way too much credit. The situation I described in the beginning is a fantasy. The real White House is a ship of fools mired in their own incompetence. They are totally devoid of leadership and have no idea what they”€™re doing. This is why Republicans and Democrats should pay attention to libertarians. We”€™re the only ones who recognize the best thing the government can do is step away from the controls.



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