July 07, 2007

Following the surprising announcement that Ron Paul is third in terms of fundraising this quarter, comes the news that the Cobb country GOP, the biggest Republican organization in Georgia, held a straw poll in which Ron came in second. Here’s how the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported it:

“Year after year, the Fourth of July gathering by the Cobb County GOP is one of the largest in the state. On Thursday, 247 cast votes in a presidential straw poll. To no one’s surprise, Fred Thompson “€” who has a fund-raiser in Atlanta on Friday “€” was the leader. But the fact that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney finished second and third may be significant. Possibly. It was just a straw poll.”

Biased? The MSM? Why, what are you—paranoid?

Here’s the vote break-down:

Fred Thompson: 30 percent;

Ron Paul: 17 percent

Mitt Romney: 15 percent

Mike Huckabee: 13 percent

Newt Gingrich: 12 percent

Rudy Giuliani: 10 percent

John McCain, Tom Tancredo, Jim Gilmore: 1 percent

That 1 percent for Mad John McCain is especially gratifying: the warmongering has-been is getting exactly what he deserves. But that’s just the icing on the cake: the real news is that the fundraising success of the Paul campaign is being followed up by real electoral strength, and I guess the hopelessly myopic MSM is just going to have to deal with it. Brace yourself for the inevitable smear campaign.


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