March 27, 2017

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Is it that they believe Russian agents were behind the hacking of Clinton and Podesta’s emails, even though Julian Assange has repeatedly denied it? Well, jeepers creepers, maybe Clinton shouldn”€™t have kept a private server and Podesta’s password shouldn”€™t have been “€œp@ssw0rd,”€ you boundlessly arrogant dumbasses.

Aren”€™t you the same smarmy, sprout-nibbling, endlessly smackable coastal bubble babies who mocked Romney in 2012 for alleging that Russia is our biggest enemy? Didn”€™t Obama mockingly tell Romney, “€œThe 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back”€ to gales of laughter and applause?

The roaring majority of the American media clearly wanted Clinton to win, and this is made deafeningly evident in the Wikileaks dumps. There is also undeniable evidence that reporters ran their stories through the DNC for pre-approval and that CNN fed questions to Clinton before her debates with rumpled rageball Bernie Sanders.

The only evidence I”€™ve seen of collusion to influence this last election was that between the American media and the Democrats. There is currently NO”€”and I doubt there ever will be”€”evidence that the Trump campaign and the Russians actively colluded to sway the election.

And so what if they did? If some allegedly moronic failed businessman with bad hair was able to team up with Putin to slay the media/Democratic/neocon Eternal War industrial complex, that complex apparently didn”€™t have its shit together in the first place and was begging to be replaced.

I don”€™t think it’s insane to suspect that George Soros”€”who actively attempted to destabilize Russia and as a result had his endlessly wormy and meddlesome NGOs banned there”€”is behind much of this anti-Russian hysteria. After all, Putin and Trump’s brands of nationalism stand as stubborn roadblocks to the shiny new one-world multicultural medicated Orwellian paradise/hellhole that Soros and other globalist oligarchs have considerately planned for all us low-information racist sexist Islamophobic deplorables. I mean, it’s not as if Soros was one of Clinton’s biggest donors or anything. You want to talk about puppets? Take a look at Edgar Bergen pulling the strings of a post-op transgender Charlie McCarthy.

For all the hyperbolic caterwauling these Walking Dead do about what a “€œdanger”€ Trump is to the planet, this recent spate of baseless Russia-baiting quite seriously risks a thermonuclear war”€”a risk these zombies seem willing to take so long as we have transgender bathrooms and a Muslim on every block.

Ninety-nine percent of the American media tried desperately to influence the election, and they lost”€”hence the delusional and fact-free Russian deflection.


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