July 30, 2012

In the endless condemnation of “€œwhite”€ oppression of blacks in America, Jews tend to be automatically excluded from being “€œwhite”€ in the popular consciousness. They get a free pass.

Problem is, the Nation of Islam considers Jews to be white. And the problem with narrowly framing the organization as “€œanti-Semitic”€ is that its fundamental theology is anti-white.

So the Nation of Islam’s main beef with Jews isn”€™t necessarily that they”€™re Jewish, it’s that they see them as white. And yet the mainstream media consistently fails to make”€”or refuses to make”€”the connection.

Poring over the FBI files on the Nation of Islam’s suspiciously white-looking founder Wallace Fard Muhammad and reading informants”€™ accounts of the NOI’s doctrines and what was discussed at their early meetings, I didn”€™t encounter the word “€œJew”€ once, although “€œwhite”€ was used relentlessly, and always in a scorchingly negative context.

Amid all the hubbub about anti-Semitism, you rarely hear that the Nation of Islam divides the world into two races: white devils and original “€œAsiatics,”€ the latter of which includes black, brown, red, and yellow. Fard Muhammad and his linear descendants teach that whites were “€œgrafted”€ from blacks by a black scientist named Yakub some 6,000 years ago on the Greek island of Patmos. Allah then exiled the blue-eyed devils into Europe’s dark, cold caves. This doctrine was reiterated by Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, whom the USA honored with a postage stamp. It has also been repeated by Farrakhan, who has stated that “€œThoughtful white people know they are inferior to black people”€ and that “€œWhite people are potential humans”€ who “€œhaven”€™t evolved yet.”€

Also lost amid all the blather about Jew-bashing is the fact that the Nation of Islam teaches that a huge “€œMother Plane,”€ AKA “€œMother Wheel,”€ hovers above Earth, piloted by black youths who are poised to “€œdestroy the white man’s world“€ the minute that Allah says, “€œGo for it!”€ Farrakhan is on record claiming that while vacationing in Mexico in 1985, he was invited onboard the Mother Wheel to, I dunno, have intergalactic Islamic brunch or something.

One would think that claiming all white people were created by a scientist 6,000 years ago and will soon be wiped out by a Negro-powered Islamic spaceship would get Farrakhan at least as much negative press as saying bad things about Jews.

One would think wrong.

A Google News search from yesterday morning yielded a total of 439 results for the word “€œFarrakhan”€ alongside “€œanti-semitic,”€ “€œanti-semite,”€ and “€œanti-semitism,”€ yet a mere two results for “€œFarrakhan”€ alongside “€œanti-white.”€

As of 2010, non-Hispanic whites comprise only 31.7% of Chicago’s population compared to its 32.9% black quotient. Presume that most of the remaining “€œAsiatics”€ will vote Democrat, sprinkle a few Chick-fil-A-hating gays atop it, and you have yourself an unbeatable coalition. So there’s a reason behind the secret relationship between Rahm and Lou, and it has nothing to do with Rahm being Jewish and everything to do with him being a politician.



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