December 11, 2012

Warren Kinsella

Warren Kinsella

Kinsella earns approximately ten times more money a year than I do and has four children to my zero, yet he is seemingly dedicated to monitoring my every word and move, and in some cases preventing me from speaking and moving.

He says this is because I am a “€œwhite supremacist.”€ It’s a toss-up as to who finds this charge more amusing: my friends at the local chapter of the Jewish Defense League or my gay Muslim business partner.

We all get the biggest laugh out of the fact that Kinsella’s campaign against me keeps backfiring.

For example, he vowed “€œto contact friends in Israel”€ to “€œsuggest that”€ I “€œnot be permitted entry”€ into the country. I enjoyed a delightful week there without interference.

The last time he attempted to prevent me from making a media appearance, he was denounced in Parliament.

And the last time Kinsella tried to interfere with a talk I was giving, the venue sold out.

You”€™d think he”€™d have tired of this fruitless pastime.


The night before my scheduled cohosting gig in London, Ontario last week, Kinsella emailed the station manager, advising him against allowing me on the air.

He also mentioned the radio station’s CRTC license and hinted that it would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

(That’s right: A self-described liberal feminist man tried to silence a woman“€”on a feminist feast day.)

The station manager politely advised Kinsella to mind his own business.

And so I did the show. I began by explaining that I, like my feminist sisters, blame “€œmen”€ for the Montreal Massacre, too”€”it’s just that I blame not only Gamil Gharbi, but also the “€œprophet”€ Muhammad, Pierre Trudeau, and the fifty or so male students who meekly left their classmates to their fate.

Mary Lou and I mocked a gaggle of progressive women who”€™d tried to prevent a “€œmen’s rights”€ expert from speaking at the University of Toronto because the event’s posters “€œmade them uncomfortable.”€ We imitated the students”€™ Valley Girl voices and speculated on the heaviness of their menstrual flows.

Oh, and I imitated Obama using a Shaft-like blaxploitation accent.

Mary Lou and I had a fine time. I got some nice fan mail. As of press time, the station still has its license.

But the best part by far?

Warren Kinsella has just released a book called Fight the Right. He’s asked the regular (male) hosts of Just Right if maybe, you know, they”€™d let him come on the show to plug it sometime.



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