March 10, 2008

“The Steamroller,” as he liked to call himself, sure rolled over the poor prostitute—petite and only 105 pounds—in Washington D.C. I do not suffer from Schadenfreude, but in Spitzer’s case, I will make an exception. The guy’s the phoniest of all the phonies ever to hold public office. He went after innocent people, ruined names and reputations for no reason except to serve his own, and would have been at home both in Stalin’s Moscow and in Hitler’s Berlin—not in the front lines, needless to say, but in the shadows, arresting people on suspicion and hearsay. By the time I finish this I hope he has had the grace, for the first time in his life, to resign, but you never know with such an individual. I only hope he paid the hooker all of the 5000 greenbacks required. Probably not. Spitzer had a good mentor and role model—Bill Clinton. Clinton got away with it, will Spitzer?


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