July 25, 2007

Three headlines from the month of July:

Why, I’m often asked (even in comments on this website), do I bother discussing the threat that Islamic terrorism poses to the internal security of the United States, when everyone should know that the real danger lies with the neocons and their imperialistic foreign policy?  The first, and most important, answer is that being aware of one threat (the neocon one) should not blind us to others.  The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend (not to mention the fact that the neocons have been radically pro-Muslim whenever Islam could be used to attack Christianity).

But now I’m in a position to tell you another reason.  See that third headline?  I know an awful lot about that case, because it was cracked through the arrest of Derrick Shareef here in Rockford, Illinois.  Shareef is a convert to “mainstream” Islam who was worshipping at our “mainstream” mosque here in Rockford.  That’s the same mosque whose president, in an interview with me for Chronicles, praised Osama bin Laden—five months after September 11.  Shareef’s arrest led to the arrest of Hassan Abujihaad, the sailor of the headline and a former roommate of Shareef—and another convert to “mainstream” Islam.

So far, most people who are aware of this case have known only that Abujihaad had passed classified info to jihadist websites while serving on a Navy destroyer in the Persian Gulf.  But in covering this story for Chronicles, I had been told by sources, off the record, that Shareef and Abujihaad had discussed terror strikes within the United States.  Now, that story has been publicly confirmed by the prosecutor.

Western countries, including the United States, have been inviting into their midst adherents of a religion that teaches them that Islam is to rule the earth.  Islam is a territorial religion; once a place has become part of the Dar al-Islam, it can never be relinquished willingly, and, if the land reverts to non-Muslims, it is the duty of faithful Muslims to reclaim it.  “Mainstream” Muslim organizations such as CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) have been actively proselytizing Hispanic immigrants to the United States.  It’s a good fit—the Islamic conception of Dar al-Islam provides a religious justification for Mexican irredentism.

As my friend Justin Raimondo never tires of pointing out, our foreign policy continues to radicalize Muslims and turn them against us.  He’s right.  We need to change that foreign policy.  But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, until it does change, it’s national and civilizational suicide to roll out the red carpet for those very Muslims we have radicalized.

One of these days, one of the plots will succeed, and then the American people will be clamoring to give up more of their—our—liberty in exchange for “protection” from domestic terrorism.  And our neocon imperial rulers in Washington, D.C., will be only too happy to oblige.


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