March 31, 2013

Tony Blair and George W. Bush

Tony Blair and George W. Bush

OK, the tenth anniversary of the worst foreign blunder Uncle Sam has ever committed has come and gone, but the post-invasion headlines remain the same:

Explosions in Baghdad kill dozens and wound scores
“€”International Herald Tribune, 3/20/13

For Iraqis, no time for reflection, only desperation
“€” International Herald Tribune, 3/19/13

Iraq War Intelligence Was a Lie
“€”Daily Telegraph, 3/18/13

No Country Since 1945 Has Suffered More
“€”Daily Telegraph, 3/18/13

Ten years on, death still stalks Baghdad
“€”Daily Telegraph, 3/14/13

“€œBush, Cheney, and Blair belong behind bars for waging war against a sovereign nation that had absolutely no involvement with 9/11.”€

I could go on. The only victor has been Israel, whose nuclear domination of the region has been assured once the great bluffer Saddam was removed. Iraq is now a very weak nation split in three, with the Kurds up north, the Sunnis around the middle, and the Shiites down south. Uncle Sam spent four trillion dollars and is now broke. Nearly five thousand young Americans lost their lives and at least 30,000 were wounded, some grievously, blind, without limbs, and needing hospitalization for the rest of their lives. Iraqi casualties were estimated to be as high as one million, a number that is dwarfed by the number of Iraqis who became displaced.

And in the midst of this tragedy, that smirking criminal shyster Dick Cheney is given a whole hour by HBO to play Edith Piaf’s signature song, “€œI Regret Nothing.”€ Of course he regrets nothing; decency and honesty are not in his vocabulary. After all, didn”€™t Cheney the brave warrior avoid the Vietnam draft by taking five deferments? As they say, only in America folks, only in America.

And it gets worse. My friend Russell Seitz, a Harvard professor”€”please don”€™t hold it against him, he’s a very nice person”€”sent me a picture of a nine-foot bronze colossus of George W. presently adorning downtown Fushë-Krujë in Albania. Russell did not specify why the bronze statue went up, but I can guess. It’s because W. facilitated Albania’s criminal classes to invade Europe when he handed Kosovo to the drug gangs that rule it. It is certainly not for his heroics in Vietnam, because like Cheney, W. stayed safely behind the war zone.


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