August 13, 2013

Hugo Schwyzer

Hugo Schwyzer

That crazy chick is also nearly 20 years his junior, a particularly embarrassing detail since Schwyzer has condemned older men who chase younger women as “€œcreeps.”€

Unable to stay out of the spotlight”€”especially when New York Magazine is on the other end of the phone”€”Schwyzer stupidly tried to explain himself after his suicide attempt. In doing so, he threw out a phrase that his delighted detractors have been using as a beach ball:

“€œI had an affair, which is very off-brand for me.”€

A nasty online backlash ensued. Schwyzer, a social-media compulsive, claims this torrent of Internet hatred drove him to his most recent suicide attempt. As of this writing, his Twitter account displays a sadly comic stream of tweets about “€œgetting his meds right”€ and how he’s going to shut down his computer any minute now.

One more thing:

Hugh Schwyzer has tenure.

And”€”I suspect before the year is out”€”a book and movie deal.

Now, I don”€™t know what house the moon is in or anything, but at the same time the Schwyzer meltdown was roiling the feminist movement, the “atheist community” was experiencing a broader crackup.

The editors of both Skeptic Magazine and Skeptical Inquirer stand accused of serial rape and sexual assault, respectively. Two other atheist celebrities”€”physicist Lawrence Krauss and (egad!) Bill Nye the Science Guy”€”are accused of similar nastiness.

(Those who recall the Incident at Skepti-quiddick may be, well, skeptical about all these charges.)

They say that when women hang out together, their menstrual cycles eventually sync up. For whatever reason, liberal chicks across America have suddenly gotten it into their pretty little heads to throw out a dumpster full of male movement “€œgarbage”€ en masse. 

Pass the popcorn.



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