April 24, 2017

Kori Muhammad

Kori Muhammad

Source: Fresno Police Department

OK, so that’s all I know about Kori Ali Muhammad.

Here’s what I know about Zack Randalls:

He was the white man that Muhammad shot to death after passing over the Hispanic driver. He was in his early 30s and left behind a wife and two kids. And he apparently hated “€œNazis.”€

On January 21″€”the day after Richard Spencer was famously sucker-elbowed by some chubby masked Antifart, leading several Hollywood stars, mainstream journalists, and college-newspaper editorialists to argue that it’s always OK to “€œpunch Nazis”€”€”Randalls posted a blurry photo of the Spencer attack on his Facebook page over which was emblazoned the phrase “€œWe Punch Nazis“€ in a stylish purple-neon font.

None of this is to suggest that he brought it on himself. He was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, and to his assailant, his only “€œcrime”€ was being a white male.

A grieving male friend of Randalls named Joey Contente told a reporter that Zack wouldn”€™t have judged his killer:

From what I”€™ve heard, this was racially motivated….That makes it even sadder because Zack was truly a person who never saw color in anybody….Zack would be the first person to ask why we are judging him for his beliefs….He would say he (Muhammad) obviously had a mental issue, that his beliefs didn”€™t cause this.

So if I”€™m reading this correctly, Randalls would have forgiven his killer for his beliefs, even if one of those beliefs was that it’s righteous to kill white males such as Zack Randalls.

It’s a pity he didn”€™t offer the same courtesy to all these “€œNazis”€ we keep hearing it’s OK to punch.

“€œPathological altruism”€ is a psychological term that was coined in the early 80s but wasn”€™t popularized until the release of a 2012 book called, as luck would have it, Pathological Altruism. According to one of the book’s editors, Barbara Oakley:

Pathological altruism can be conceived as behavior in which attempts to promote the welfare of another, or others, results instead in harm that an external observer would conclude was reasonably foreseeable.

It has also been described as “€œselflessness gone awry”€ and something that “€œfosters the exhilarating sensation of righteous indignation, the belief in the purity of your team and your cause and the perfidiousness of all competing teams and causes.”€

That describes every Caucasian Social Justice Warrior with whom I”€™ve ever had the supreme displeasure of crossing paths.

Again, Randalls was mostly unlucky, so I”€™ll never get to hear this Antifa sympathizer’s reaction about being targeted by a black man who hated whites.

He didn”€™t seem as far-gone as Amanda Kijera, a white “€œMalcolm X scholar”€ who endured an all-night rape at the hands of a black man on a rooftop in Haiti and still blamed it all on white man and capitalism. Nor did he seem nearly as bad as Karsten Hauken, a Norwegian “€œsocialist, feminist, and anti-racist”€ who was violently raped by a Somali migrant and then publicly expressed his extreme guilt feelings that his rapist was being sent back to Somalia.

Allowing my mind to wander where it will, I wonder whether Randalls saw his killer approaching and pointing a gun at him. I also wonder if, during that awful split-second before he got shot, it occurred to him that maybe “€œNazis”€ weren”€™t the biggest threat to him and his family.


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