June 11, 2009

Just one day after the tragic shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial, London’s Daily Mail confirmed a ominous connection: “White supremacist who opened fire ‘has links to the BNP.’” With the connections between fascist terrorists in our midst and their support networks in Europe becoming clearer, it also clear that America must make a choice. We can fight them over here or we can fight them over there. Iraq was once our ally, but that was long before 9/11. And so it must be now with Great Britain, and any other European nation that harbors America’s neo-Nazi enemies.

Perhaps the greatest danger in rooting out this fascist menace by invading Great Britain is the potential for “blowback,” the CIA’s term for unintended consequences to U.S. military action, which might drive formerly moderate or even U.S.-friendly elements of the native population into the ranks of the British National Party and similar groups. That an invasion and occupation of nations where neo-Nazis have influence like England, Austria, Hungary and France might induce a massive wave of anti-American sentiment across Europe is worth considering.

But so is doing nothing!

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