August 16, 2015

Auschwitz, Poland

Auschwitz, Poland

Twenty-seven-year-old William Kennedy was arrested last Thursday and charged with criminal damage to property…and a hate crime…for removing a sign outside an abortion clinic in Metairie, LA. Authorities did not explain why he’s being charged with a hate crime, but apparently now it’s a hate crime merely to oppose feticide. We predict that within ten years, the only thing that won’t be a hate crime will be accusing someone of committing a hate crime.

A new “mini rape alarm attached to your bra” is being criticized by anti-rape activists, even though its creator is a female in her early 20s who designed the product after a colleague was raped and no one heard her screams.

The device is basically the anti-rape version of those TV-ad “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” Life Alert contraptions for senior citizens. They are being distributed to rape-fearing women for free, but they must pay £5-10 per month for the monitoring service that contacts the police and locates you via GPS once you’re getting raped.

Feminist critics say that the rape alarm is harmful to women because it perpetuates the old patriarchal myth that they are responsible for their own self-defense. They say that instead of fitting women with rape bras, we should be teaching men not to rape. As we all know, it’s far more harmful to the sisterhood to perpetuate old patriarchal myths than it is to actually be raped because you forgot to wear your rape bra.

Trying to convince gullible feminists that tampons were a tool of the patriarchy, the website 4chan started a hoax about a year ago encouraging “free bleeding””€”i.e., that women should boldly walk around during their menses bleeding all the hell over their clothes.

Well, it was revealed last week that a feminist musician fell for the hoax and ran the London Marathon in April where she bled all the hell over her orange leggings. On her blog the woman wrote that she did it to protest “period-shaming.” Even People magazine”€”which was always an idiotic publication but wasn’t always completely sold out to Cultural Marxist idiocy”€”depicted this revolting act as heroic. There is no hope for any of us. Dear Lord, please shoot us all in the head.


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