August 04, 2014

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The modern leftwing mindset declares quite loudly and staunchly that eugenics has been forever “debunked” and “discredited” and that things such as race and gender are nothing more than “pseudo-scientific” ideas.

Oddly, they act as if political orientations such as “liberal” and “conservative” are quantifiable entities. In the realm of “political science””€”easily the softest of the soft sciences, so soft that cotton candy is like granite by comparison”€”researchers have received millions in funding over the past few years in their quest to find biological reasons for why so-called “conservatives” suffer from inborn genetic defects.

They have developed pills for bigots, devised tests to measure “implicit bias” that are inherently flawed, conducted studies that correlate “right-wing” ideology to “lower cognitive ability,” and funded research that concludes liberals and conservatives have differently configured brains., that lush lair of excessively privileged and incurably clueless white ethno-masochists, is now touting a new poli-sci study that “proves” conservatives are physiologically more likely to be motivated by fear than liberals, which leads those silly right-wingers to perpetuate “moral panics” and needlessly demonize their perceived out-group.

This is richer than a Godiva chocolate, seeing as appears to exist solely to perpetuate leftist moral panics involving progressive speech-policing, myths such as rampant white-on-black hate crimes and institutional racism, the delusion that “transphobia” is real, and the notion that corporations threaten the human spirit more than the government does. It becomes richer than a Godiva chocolate slathered in whipping cream when one considers that Salon is ceaselessly involved in morally panicked witch hunts against its perceived out-group, the evil and sinister and irredeemably malevolent white conservative male.

Everyone who isn’t completely insane (and slim) knows that “Fat hatred is a civil rights issue” and that we are currently in the throes of a “fat shaming epidemic.” If you don’t realize that”€”or if you realize it and still refuse to confess it before the world”€”the only proper and non-hypocritical way to address your “fat shaming” is to publicly shame you.

A Canadian mother who claims that she was taunted by onlookers for wearing a bikini at the beach to reveal a grotesquely adipose and mottled midsection that resembles Jabba the Hut received plaudits and sympathy and applause from the online pro-fatty community after she went to Facebook and wailed like a big fat baby whale about her traumatizing experience.

A Michigan plastic-surgery clinic that had paid for a billboard which would seem benign and even good-natured to anyone whose arteries aren’t clogged with donuts was likewise shamed for suggesting that some people might not find “muffin tops””€”i.e., when your blubbery midsection spills over your too-tight pants”€”very attractive. A vandal, whom we are presuming might be fairly described as a “ham-planet,” received an outpouring of cheer and support from the online fatso community for defacing the billboard.

Billy-Joe Newington, 25 was born as “Connie” in Cardiff, Wales but at some point Connie decided that she was in the “wrong body.” Connie started taking male-hormone injections two years ago, had her breasts removed by the NHS to the tune of $10,000, and is now planning a series of three operations to give her a penis that will likely cost British taxpayers $20,000.

Doctors will use skin from Connie’s heavily tattooed forearm to fashion the fake male organ, leaving her with a “stripy penis.” These three operations will involve fashioning the penile shaft itself, sculpting the glans penis and receiving testicle implants, and a final stage that incorporates “€œurethral lengthening and a hysterectomy.”€ Then, and only then, will Connie complete her journey into becoming “€œthe man I know I am.”€



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