June 25, 2017

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Allah has been doing a bang-up job lately of stabbing and bombing and running over infidels. Not so much last week, though.

At an airport in Flint, MI, a dark, very hairy, and presumably smelly man named Amor Ftouhi allegedly yelled “€œAllahu Akbar!”€ before stabbing an officer in the neck. Unfortunately for the global ummah, the officer survived.

At a train station in Brussels, a Moroccan national yelled “€œAllahu Akbar!”€ before attempting to blow himself up with a nail bomb. He only harmed himself. He didn”€™t even kill any infidels.

God is great? Let’s face it”€”last week he was mediocre at best.

In a small village in the pulsatingly vibrant nation of Malawi, an HIV+ man named Eric Aniva is paid roughly $4 each time he takes the virginity of girls “€œas young as 12.”€ One of the village’s “€œsacred traditions”€ is to have a stud known as a “€œhyena”€ deflowering young virgins directly after they conclude their first menstrual cycle. They are thus “€œcleansed”€ in a way that ignorant Westerners could never understand. According to Aniva:

Most of those I have slept with are girls, school-going girls….Some girls are just 12 or 13 years old, but I prefer them older. All these girls find pleasure in having me as their hyena….They actually are proud and tell other people that this man is a real man, he knows how to please a woman.

Sure, they eventually wither away and die from AIDS, but that’s one of the village’s sacred traditions, too, so there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Writing for Medium”€”which will publish anything, so get over there and do it”€”an anonymous Negroidal male calling himself “€œSon of Baldwin”€ reflects on the fact that the gunman who tried to kill GOP Congressman Steve Scalise was shot by a black lesbian. In a piece called “€œLet Them Fucking Die,”€ he concludes that the clam-diggin”€™ sista should have just walked on by and smiled instead:

If you see them drowning.
If you see them in a burning building.
If they are teetering on the edge of a cliff.
If their ships are sinking.
If their planes are crashing.
If their cars are skidding.
If they are overdosing.
If their hearts have tellingly arrested.
If they are choking in a restaurant.
If they are bleeding out in an emergency room.
If the ground is crumbling beneath them.
If they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other:
Do nothing.
Saving the life of those that would kill you is the opposite of virtuous.
Let. Them. Fucking. Die.
And smile a bit when you do.
For you have done the universe a great service.

The hashtag #LetThemFuckingDie was then lifted by a black sociology professor at Trinity College named John Eric Williams, who wrote on Facebook that it was time to “€œconfront”€ white people:

I”€™m fed up with self-identified “€˜white’s”€™ daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslims, and sexually and racially opressed [sic] people. The time is now to confront these inhuman assholes and end this now.

It may indeed be time to end this now. Problem is, it may not end the way you”€™d like.


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