May 20, 2013

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Politico wrote that “The town is turning on President Obama “€” and this is very bad news for this White House.” A Boston Herald headline stated that “Even Liberals Are Leaping Off the Bandwagon.”

On cable television, even such stalwart Obama peen-fluffers as Chris “Tingles” Matthews, Jon “Leibowitz” Stewart, and Rachel “Butch” Maddow are expressing disgust that their idol has been revealed to have wings of wax and feet of clay. On Twitter, current radio host and former California Democratic Party Chairman Bill Press called for Attorney General Eric Holder and his improbably sleazy mustache to be fired.

Even members of the Democratic Party have aired skepticism about the AP scandal. Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont said on Monday night that he is “very concerned” and “very troubled by these allegations.” Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren of California suggested on Wednesday that the Justice Department’s actions “have, in fact, impaired the First Amendment.” After a fresh change of adult diapers, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the affair “inexcusable,” adding that “there’s no way to justify this.”

One of the few holdouts in the rapid and overwhelming anti-Obama media backlash was, but of course, Media Matters, those silicon-chip-implanted barking marionettes of global totalitarianism funded by the currency-manipulating, culture-destroying, Holocaust-enabling billionaire George Soros. The site, a well-known tool of the Justice Department, even had the brontosaurus-sized balls to issue a list of talking points aimed to deflect media criticism of the AP scandal.

Glenn Greenwald, who is staking out a reputation as one of the political journalists you could count on one hand who seems to care more about facts and ethics than partisanship, observed in The Guardian that “it is remarkable how media reactions to civil liberties assaults are shaped almost entirely by who the victims are.”

Whether the backlash is merely temporary or will snowball until it turns into Obama’s Watergate remains to be seen. Cognitive dissonance is a helluva drug, and it would take superhuman levels of introspection and honesty for the press to admit they’ve been hoodwinked for the past five years. But whatever happens, the past week has proved to be a refreshing respite from the endless tongue bath they’ve been giving America’s First Mulatto President.


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