July 16, 2017

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

Source: Wikimedia Commons

For years, true-crime buffs have been mistakenly convinced that London serial killer Jack the Ripper slaughtered prostitutes because he hated prostitutes. This is not the case, argues a new book called Jewbaiter Jack The Ripper: New Evidence & Theory. Author Stephen Senise says that since the poverty-flattened East London neighborhood where Jack committed the murders was filled with Jewish immigrants, the killings were somehow intended to inflame nativist fervor among indigenous Britons and lead to yet another pogrom, a senseless and unprovoked atrocity which seems to happen to Jews for no reason at all wherever they”€™ve appeared throughout the planet over the course of all human history.
Senise notes graffiti found near one of Jack the Ripper’s victims:

The Juwes [sic] are the men that Will not be Blamed for nothing.

It has never been confirmed whether the murderer was also the graffiti artist. It could have just been some disgruntled British East Ender who wasn”€™t too keen about Heebs. And none of Jack the Ripper’s “€œcanonical five”€ female victims were Jewish. It’s highly likely that the Ripper murders had nothing to do with Jews. It’s even likelier that despite this fact, some people always need to make everything about themselves.

Like boll weevils feasting on lush cotton fields, leftists have an insatiable desire to invade and destroy every last nook and cranny of acquired knowledge and replace it with Cultural Marxist orthodoxy. Witness an alleged scholarly paper titled “€œCitation matters: mobilizing the politics of citation toward a practice of ‘conscientious engagement,’“€ in which the distinctly unpleasant-looking Carrie Mott and her dorky gelded sub Daniel Cockayne argue that the field of geography stinks to high heaven with white maleness.

It’s an odd world where people think politics are in any way related to scholarly citation, but this delusion appears to afflict both Mott and Cockayne. This pair of uncomely “€œfeminist geographers”€ encourage their cohorts to refrain from citing the research of white men, because it apparently sidetracks their attempts to make geography have nothing to do with studying the planet’s terrain and everything to do with depicting white males as evil assholes who need to be eradicated from said planet:

When it is predominantly white, heteronormative males who are cited, this means that the views and knowledge that are represented do not reflect the experience of people from other backgrounds. When scholars continue to cite only white men on a given topic, they ignore the broader diversity of voices and researchers that are also doing important work on a [sic] that topic.

What does this have to do with geography? Nothing. What does American education have to do with education these days? Less than nothing.


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