November 15, 2015

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Taki’s Mag has already covered the insane death spiral inflicted on American education by the cry-bullies of the grievance industry here and here, but here are a few more tidbits from last week:

“€¢ Early Wednesday morning at the now permanently crippled University of Missouri, black activists and their Twitter enablers erupted with panic over reports that the KKK had been spotted on campus throwing bricks through windows and threatening black students. Even the student body president, Payton Head”€”a black guy, of course, even though the university’s student population is only 7% black”€”stated that he had “confirmed” these reports during talks with the National Guard. It turns out that he was lying and the KKK had not appeared on campus. This collective hallucination recalls the infamous case of the Alabama leprechaun.

“€¢ An Asian woman at Claremont McKenna College in California was shouted down by black activists after she stated that she’d been racially harassed by a black man and that it’s therefore possible for black people to be racist.

“€¢ The female dean of California’s Claremont McKenna College resigned after an uproar flared when she promised to offer help”€”again, she was offering help“€”to Latina grievance-mongers and others who felt excluded because they didn’t, in her fatally self-inflicted words, “fit the CMC [Claremont McKenna College] mold.” Her offense was to suggest that students who insist on highlighting how they don’t fit the mold actually don’t fit the mold.

Heavy metal music”€”remember that?”€”has a problem with women, and that problem is that there aren’t enough women in heavy metal music. Or so says a female writer who apparently won’t sleep at night until the entire world is a baby crib filled with squalling identitarians”€”so long, but of course, as their identity involves neither being white nor male. The article’s writer keeps reminding the reader that this is 2015, after all. Yes, we all realize that this is 2015, which only means that many people seem fragile beyond repair and should perhaps be euthanized to spare them from the pain of daily life.

Tech monster Google”€”whose home page frequently features cartoon images called “Google Doodles” to celebrate holidays and notable events”€”faced criticism from bigots and hatemongers and evil people last week after its Veterans Day Doodle showed only one white male amid a cartoon of seven veterans. Never mind the fact that probably at least 90% of American war veterans throughout history have been white males”€”we now live in a world where it is racist merely to state the truth.


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