September 22, 2014

Victor Voronov and Johnny Weir

Victor Voronov and Johnny Weir

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Lantern-jawed feminist harpy Amanda Marcotte”€”infamous for jumping to a stupid and ultimately wrong conclusion about the Duke Lacrosse rape case“€”recently ball-bashed prominent atheist Sam Harris for daring to speculate about why more men than women appeared to be drawn to atheist activism. Harris had written:

People just don’t like to have their ideas criticized. There’s something about that critical posture that is to some degree intrinsically male and more attractive to guys than to women….The atheist variable just has this “€“ it doesn’t obviously have this nurturing, coherence-building extra estrogen vibe that you would want by default if you wanted to attract as many women as men.

Marcotte accused Harris of being prone to “emotion-driven temper tantrums” and “condescending bullshit.” Projection, thy name is Amanda Marcotte.

Richard Dawkins”€”perhaps the most respected and vocal atheist alive”€”recently took a drubbing at the hands of PMS-addled feminists and their testosterone-deprived white knights after he took to Twitter to criticize “Feedingfrenzy Thoughtpolice Bullies” and claiming that “If you want to be in a position to testify & jail a man, don’t get drunk.”

And the left continues to eat its own.

Three-time US figure-skating champion Johnny Weir”€”rhymes with “queer””€”was happier than Doris Day receiving two dozen daisies from Rock Hudson back in 2011 when he gay-married an attorney named Victor Voronov. But his Gay Camelot rapidly unraveled, and in March of this year, Weir appeared on Access Hollywood before an audience estimated at 2.5 million to claim that despite the fact that Voronov had called police after Weir bit him in an altercation, Weir had only been “defending myself” because Voronov had “asked me to lay in bed with him in the biblical sense, and…I refused.”

On Thursday, Weir’s estranged husband filed a defamation suit against Weir, claiming that not only did Weir bite him in his left bicep, he punched him, threw “dangerous objects” at him, and “in a fit of jealousy” texted another skater to inform him that Voronov had herpes. The suit claims that on the Access Hollywood interview, Weir “spun lies as easily as he performed a triple salchow.”

Methamphetamine abuse is either the tragic scourge of poor whites nationwide or a much-needed potion for culling the pale herd of its dysgenic elements.

In Helena, MT, last week, an extremely dumb man named Alvin Lee Grant, Jr. called police to report a break-in at his motel room. When he answered the door to police, he forgot to conceal two bags of meth that were lying at his feet.

In California, Jonathan Wayne Glass was sentenced to 15 years in state prison after being convicted of “€œchild neglect causing great bodily harm, permanent disability or permanent disfigurement.”€ The conviction resulted from a 2013 incident where Glass had brought sulfuric acid into an apartment he shared with a woman and her three children. The acid was in a plastic “sippy cup” that Glass had placed in the bathroom. After a three-year-old boy drank from the cup while brushing his teeth, he began howling in pain. Glass had access to a car and a nearby hospital, but he did nothing beyond warning another child not to call 911. A neighbor who heard the three-year-old screaming in pain called 911 instead. The child was taken to a hospital and “suffered severe chemical burns to his chin, lips, mouth, tongue, esophagus, and hands.” He was placed in an intensive-care unit for weeks.

In Wyoming, 25-year-old Stephanie Shirts is suspected of rolling a hot saucepan over a 14-month-old infant’s face”€”causing blister burns”€”to stop it from crying. She is also suspected of suffocating the child with a blanket until it turned blue and was eventually taken to a hospital where an examination showed it had “a brain bleed and bleeding in the eyes.” Police found glass pipes with meth residue in the home. Shirts and two other adults reportedly admitted to police that they had been smoking meth.

In Illinois, a woman named Jennifer Harrington was arrested on a parole violation after she posted a video on Facebook that allegedly showed her assisting a man in making meth.

A radically leftist group called “Teach for America” is calling for “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” which is basically Cultural Marxism injected into traditional learning in such a way that it literally claims the concept of 2 + 2 = 4 is “naïve.” The group claims that “meth has traditionally been seen as the domain of old, White men.”

Oh, sorry”€”they said math, not meth. Oops! Whites may be overrepresented in meth, but they also tend to do very well in math, too.


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