July 13, 2017

Finally, we have Jarad Nava. He is white and is facing attempted-murder charges for saying, “€œYou”€™re going to die today, bitch,”€ and firing into a rival gang member’s car. The girl he hit is paralyzed for life. Jarad is unlike the other two boys in that his childhood was perfectly normal. He didn”€™t grow up running from the pandillas in the murder capital of the world like Juan. He wasn”€™t constantly stepping over exhausted babies in the living room like Antonio. He was an only child of two American citizens. Things started to go awry for Jarad when his parents got divorced. The father was soon replaced by a Hispanic man who impregnated his white wife and made two daughters. Jarad had to adjust to his new family, but the stepfather also had adjustments to make. I got the feeling that the Hispanic stepfather felt as incongruous in his new situation as Antonio felt in military school. Eventually, the stepfather gets so depressed he tries to stab himself to death in the backyard and is only alive because young Jarad ran out to stop him. This left the boy deeply damaged and he immediately becomes so Hispanic he makes MS-13 look like Orson Welles. He moves his hands like a cholo and speaks with their slang. It’s possible he recognized his new dad felt like a fish out of agua and overcompensated by becoming a human Mexico. Don”€™t kill yourself, Dad. You”€™re not the only Hispanic guy in the family. Jarad doesn”€™t do as well as the two Hispanic kids when it comes to sentencing at the end of the film. He gets life and will only be eligible for parole when he’s 47. No free plane ride to Central America for the American citizen. No free military school for the white kid who saved his stepdad’s life. Just prison.

The end of the film is like the end of the Kardashian saga. The takeaway is that marriage is irrelevant, minorities are victims, and the system needs to do more to protect them. I don”€™t get that from either story. Blac Chyna is making babies without dads and that’s child abuse. Mass immigration from third-world countries combined with limitless welfare is another form of child abuse. It turned fatherless Antonio into a way to get a paycheck and nothing more. It took away Juan’s father and brought the boy from a battleground where you need to kill to survive to a country where killers can”€™t survive. Jarad’s situation started out great, but it too devolved into child abuse. Divorce culture took away his father and mass immigration may well have brought him a father who can”€™t cope. Instead of belonging to a strong community that could have helped rebuild the boy, he fell into the gang warfare our open borders have created.

Norman Lear created Archie Bunker as a way to lampoon the working class, but it backfired and we all learned to love ol”€™ Arch. His son made a documentary to criticize the system, but in true Lear fashion, it backfired too and he accidentally showed America the importance of marriage, the trouble with welfare, and the dangers of mass immigration.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article cited a study that said 92% of blacks have babies out of wedlock when the mother is white. That study is not reliable and has been removed.


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