March 16, 2017

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It was only a few months ago that anti-Trumpers thought it would be a great strategy to popularize the term “€œfake news”€ in order to delegitimize the election…and look how quickly that backfired, as Trump and the alt-right totally co-opted the term, to the extent that Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan raised the white flag, imploring her colleagues to abandon the strategy and go back to calling a hoax a hoax, without replacing the word with a label easily co-opted by the far right. And yet, knowing this, Jewish luminaries decided to do the exact same thing, replacing the word “€œhoax”€ with a label easily co-opted by the far right.

Self-harm at its finest. But that was two weeks ago. What about last week? Well, last week a bunch of Jewish VIPs managed to pressure Amazon into banning a slew of Holocaust denial books. Leading the fight was Robert Singer, CEO of the World Jewish Congress, who crowed in the L.A. Times, “€œBookstores have long refused to carry certain items, with pornography being a prime example. Holocaust denial is no different, legally speaking, from hardcore pornography.”€ The good rebbe does so love the truth he’s even willing to lie for it, because, as even the most brain-damaged U.S. legal experts know, “€œlegally speaking,”€ Holocaust denial is considered political speech, and is therefore exempt from some of the restrictions that can be placed on obscenity. But still, the Amazon banning isn”€™t a First Amendment issue. Amazon is a private company, and it can carry what it likes. The bigger issue is, here we have yet another case of Jewish self-harm.

What is the value of getting a few anti-Jewish books pulled from an online retailer compared with the harm done by the viral anti-Jewish stories that resulted from the ban? Does the WJC actually think that the audience they”€™re trying to “€œprotect”€ from denial (“€œDi kinder! Vee must protect di kinder!”€) is made up of people who learn about the world by buying books? No, dummies. They get their information from reading free shit on the web, like the hundreds (soon to be thousands) of pieces circulating right now about how “€œthe Jews”€ are so afraid of denial that they had to pressure Amazon to ban it (click here to go to to read what THEY don”€™t want you to see!).

So damn self-defeating. Especially because groups like the WJC had a much better tool to use last week than censorship, had they not been blinded by their love of self-destruction. Eric Hunt was the youthful looney bird who attacked Elie Wiesel in an elevator back in “€™07. After serving his time, Hunt returned to a hero’s welcome from Holocaust deniers (a community in which roughing up Elie Wiesel earns you a boatload of street cred). For the past eight years, Hunt has been denial’s biggest star and most prolific “€œdocumentarian.”€ And last month, he had the kind of epiphany that usually only happens after four ghosts fuck up your Christmas Eve. He realized that he was completely, totally, 100% wrong. He said goodbye to the deniers, and penned several lengthy screeds about how they”€™re full of shit.

Not to blow my own horn, but the deniers are blaming me for Hunt’s about-face, with neo-Nazi Hadding Scott claiming, “€œWith Cole, he [Hunt] had an argument…. And apparently he felt badly about his performance in the argument with Cole. And he felt he had been defeated, I guess.”€ This is only partially true. I”€™d never directly argue with Hunt; he’s beneath me. But I have mercilessly mocked his views over the years. And now we have the internet’s No. 1 purveyor of denial admitting he was dead wrong, and has even one mainstream Jewish journalist or leader written about it in the press? Of course not, even though that’s exactly the kind of thing that actually could make a difference in turning young people away from Holocaust denial. Given the opportunity to draw attention to an extremist’s sincere conversion, thus invalidating denial books, Jews instead chose the path of banning the books, giving them a kind of legitimacy while making Jews look exactly like the nefarious cabal of secretive, information-controlling bullies that anti-Semites paint us as.

Good one, Jews. I think some of you need an intervention, because this love of self-cutting is not even remotely healthy. It’s especially surprising to see such behavior coming from Jews who believe that Trump is Hitler and Dachau: Daytona is just around the corner. I mean, if you really believe that the president is looking to slit your throat, why start the incision yourself?


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