July 21, 2014

In 2011, Marvel murdered the Caucasian Peter Parker and swapped him out for the half-black/half-Puerto Rican “€œMiles Morales”€ as the human being who lurks beneath Spider-Man‘s mask. According to Marvel’s half-Mexican Editor in Chief Alex Alonso, his writers”€™ “€œjob is to re-imagine characters in a forward-thinking, progressive manner. … As a Hispanic, it is nice to see Spider-Man’s … last name resemble the last name of my son.”€

Also in 2011, Action Comics had Superman“€”whose motto had been “€œtruth, justice, and the American way”€”€”appear before the United Nations to renounce his American citizenship because he”€™d become disgusted with the American way.

Batwoman, originally conceived in 1956 as a presumably heterosexual shiksa, reemerged in 2006 as a Jewish lesbian.

Nick Fury had existed as a Marvel Comics superhero since 1956 as a one-eyed white man. He’s still chugging along, but in 2001 he was one-upped by Ultimate Nick Fury, a one-eyed black man.

In 2012, DC Comics”€™ Green Lantern came out of the closet as a homosexual and married another man.

Last year saw the unveiling of Ms. Marvel, apparently the world’s first Pakistani Muslim comic-book superheroine.

And the modern X-Men represent a whole cast of “mutants” that include a Holocaust survivor, a Malcolm X clone, and a full dozen gay and bisexual superheroes.

When modern white singers such as Miley Cyrus twerk with black backup dancers and Katy Perry wears a geisha costume, the leftist chorus howls that they are guilty of the sin of “€œcultural appropriation,”€ and we all know that such appropriation isn”€™t appropriate.

Why, then, don”€™t we hear the same cries of “€œcultural appropriation”€ when Archie Comics”€™ Jewish co-CEOs green-light Archie’s murder in defense of a gay senator or Marvel’s Hispanic editor decides to make Captain America black and Thor into a woman? Why, especially, is a non-Nordic male allowed to rub his grubby fingers all over an ancient Nordic male god to suit his half-assed “€œprogressive”€ agenda?

Would Nancy Silberkleit be OK with a film version where a Nazi skinhead plays the role of Moses? Would Alex Alonso be just bueno if Larry the Cable Guy were to portray Che Guevara in a cable-TV movie? Of course they wouldn”€™t. They don”€™t think it’s “€œprogressive”€ for anyone to mess with their cultural icons.

What they”€™re doing goes far beyond mere “€œcultural appropriation.”€ This is cultural pillaging.


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