March 25, 2012

Indian Wells, California

Indian Wells, California

I”€™ve heard people cheering hard for my opponent, and in the heat of the match one tends to take it personally. Llodra looked directly at the woman and called her a “€œputain chinoise,”€ and the PC brigade went into overdrive. If he had called her a “€œconasse“€”€”which is French for a female part that a bikini hides”€”no one would have made a fuss. But because he used the universally offensive word “€˜Chinese,”€™ all hell broke loose. Rappers call white folk far worse names, yet no one utters a word of protest. But call a gook”€”sorry, I was in the Nam long ago”€”call an Oriental some word relating to their ethnic makeup, and the Thought Nazis go berserk.

Barlow claimed that she thought about what happened after the match and decided to complain. A little bird tells me she had dollar signs on her mind. Llodra was fined $2,500 dollars for the insult and Barlow was promised an apology. But the Frenchman has refused to give one, which I think is correct. Either a fine and no apology, or an apology and no fine. And he taught Barlow a couple of French words, so she should thank him.

We all know that the French are an arrogant and unpleasant race, but the Koreans are not much better. Look at their culture. Llodra was certainly wrong to peg the woman as a Chinese hooker, but I can”€™t tell them apart either, except when they”€™re behind the counter in the 24-hour markets.

The thought police enforce hate-crime laws, campus speech codes are wielded like nightsticks, and the Times is thundering against a Frenchman who called some Korean a Chinese hooker. As Pat Buchanan wrote, “€œThe new mortal sins are…racism, sexism, homophobia and nativism.”€ I wonder what would have happened if he had simply called her a hooker.



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