November 19, 2015

Jean-Claude Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker

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Leave it to the egregious New York Times to run an editorial three days after the Paris massacres defending the so-called refugees. They are not refugees but migrants, and economic migrants at that. The newspaper that only prints what its politically correct agenda allows called refusing refugees in Europe’s overcrowded lands “€œmorally unacceptable.”€ As morally unacceptable, I suppose, as the Times“€™ highly paid editors, who live in gated communities or ritzy, safe, and exclusive buildings in New York while demanding less police presence in high-crime areas of the city.
Echoing the hypocritical and tendentious Times was the corrupt and dictatorial bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Commission, whose refugee policy has been a catastrophe, and who most likely issued his statement urging us to welcome more immigrants while hiding in the cellar of his Brussels mansion.
Most of the scum who murdered the innocents in Paris had been living in Brussels, a city that long ago lost many of its neighborhoods to Islamic Shariah law. The district of Molenbeek was and is a well-known haven for terrorists and extremists, yet the Belgian police have been unable to infiltrate it or even begin to control it. But these same Belgian bureaucrats are telling us that it is morally unacceptable to begin to defend ourselves by resisting the nonstop flow of immigrants.

“€œHere are the few steps that, if taken, would not only make Europe terror-free but also bring peace to the Middle East.”€

The irony is that most if not all of the perpetrators whenever there is a terrorist attack within European borders are well-known to the authorities. It is the ability and will to act against them that is missing. The Belgians are simply incapable, the French tied down by fear of being called anti-Islamists. The Germans, whose chancellor definitely has blood on her hands and will one day go down in history on a par with Hitler if not worse, have been brainwashed for far too long about their past behavior and are hence incapable of calling a terrorist by his proper name.
Here are the few steps that, if taken, would not only make Europe terror-free but also bring peace to the Middle East. None of them, needless to say, will be acted upon by the clowns and cowards who rule us: The index of thousands of people considered possible threats to the state”€”the S files in France”€”should be the guide to who is interned in camps for the duration, or until their innocence is proved. No habeas corpus or other such nonsense need apply.
Every mosque whose imam has preached violence should be shut down and the imams who preach hate or praise terrorism either interned or expelled to whatever hellhole they came from. Online threats ditto. Borders should be closed and the Shengen Agreement scrapped, while all recent migrants from the Middle East and Africa should be forcibly returned whence they came from.
There should be an ultimatum by the United States president to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, respectively, warning them that the next terrorist attack in Europe or in the U.S. will mean the end of their rule in their countries. They will be destabilized and overthrown and forced to remain and tried in their desert so-called “€œkingdoms”€ for crimes against their people. Saudi, Qatari, and Kuwaiti funds are financing the mosques and their imams preaching against us the world over. Saudi money financed the revolt against President Assad, the only Middle East ruler who protected minorities and Christians. One such telephone call from the White House would bring peace to the world, but it will snow in the Sahara during the month of August before that happens.


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