April 12, 2013

Susan Patton

Susan Patton

NEW YORK—When the president of the United States has to publicly apologize for calling a woman “the best-looking attorney general in the country,” I know it’s time, as we used to say in boarding school, to hang up my jock.

Kamala Harris is a big busty black woman with Asian blood. I will for the record state that I would not ask her to vacate my bed, but Obama did not even go that far. All he did was praise her looks, then the sisterhood of professional grievance-mongers went to work. Some old hag wrote in Salon:

…my stomach turned over….Those of us who’ve fought to make sure that women are seen as more than ornamental – and that includes the president – should know better than to rely on flattering the looks of someone as formidable as Harris.

“Telling it like it is nowadays is a no-no.”

I hate to think what the aggrieved one whose stomach turned over must look like. Kamala (where do they get these names?) Harris didn’t seem to mind too much. She’ll run for governor of California sometime in the future or end up in the Supreme Court if there’s a vacancy and Obama still has a hard-on for her. Nothing wrong with that. Even the great King Solomon, seeking another woman for a wife, learned wisdom in these matters. He had his acolytes bring him forth fifty or more specimens they deemed suitable for him—wise ones, smart ones, some that had the right build for childbearing, tall ones, gentle ones, serious ones, and the wise king looked them over until his eye suddenly caught sight on the crowd’s far edge of a cutie-pie with a dimple in her ear. Boy, old King Sol’s decision to pick the cutie-pie must give the old hag at Salon ulcers, but maybe she’s not as religious as I am and doesn’t read the old books.

Kamala aside—and if you substitute the “m” for a “v” it means hanky-panky in modern Greek—another lady is in hot water for speaking the truth in the Land of the Depraved, one Susan Patton, bearer of a great and noble name. All Sue baby did was write a letter urging her Ivy League sisters to put their college years to good use and find a hubby. If she had announced that Adolf Hitler was great in the sack she would have gotten off easier.


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