October 19, 2012

Perhaps modern “Native American activists” and their palefaced enablers should focus more on cursing the Red Man’s ancestors for never being technologically advanced enough to develop a more efficient defense system to maintain bragging rights over the land that was presumably their birthright…the land they somehow “owned” naturally…the land from whose ground they purportedly sprung forth like millions of red lilies in springtime…the land which one must never suggest that they possibly seized by committing literal and complete genocide against previous inhabitants of European extraction. After all, it’s never a good idea to bring a bow and arrow to a gunfight.

Perhaps they should shut up about “genocide” altogether, seeing as there are perhaps currently as many “Native Americans” here now (around 5.2 million in the continental US and Alaska alone) than there were back before the Evil White Man set his Evil White Toes on these shores. (Estimates range from 2.1 million to 18 million throughout North America, which includes Canada and Mexico.)

Or if they refuse to shut up, perhaps some modern palefaces should start talking about how in pre-Columbian days, there were no such things as flat-screen TVs, welfare checks, tax-free casinos, or white guilt. Perhaps they should mention that despite all the yammering about death, genocide, and destruction, European encroachment served to lengthen the average “Native American” lifespan. Perhaps they should start flapping their pale lips about things these noble, peaceful Persons of Indigenosity did”€”acts of beneficence such as scalping and decapitation. Perhaps we should remind them that the Cherokee owned black slaves, too. Perhaps they should start talking more about modern squalor, dysfunction, rape, and atrocities out “on the res.”

Perhaps that would be fair. But perhaps historical struggles are part of a zero-sum game where fairness is never an option.

For now, anyone who dares mention any of these unmentionables is tarred and feathered with the term “white privilege,” which has come to mean “the honor of being blamed for everything bad throughout world history.”

Two things are certain and don”€™t require the word “perhaps”: Only civilizations that are in a steep decline are willing to apologize, and only civilizations that are on the ascent have a sense of positive destiny.



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