June 05, 2015

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This mess is especially evident in the modern feminist movement. What wave are we on now, fourth? Having run out of rights that women don”€™t have, feminists have decided to deny any differences between men and women. This includes trivializing childbirth as a disgusting waste of a good career and insisting that women are just as tough as men. When I pointed out that women are much more vulnerable than men at spring break on Hannity  last year, The Daily Show quipped, “€œLet’s all agree that that is sexist.”€ I couldn”€™t even get my co-panelist to concede that women can”€™t hold their liquor as well as men. Not long after, it was reported that women were being gang- raped on the beach and shot at. Yay! I won.

We”€™ve gone from saying women “€œbelong in the kitchen”€ to saying they”€™re “€œseparate but equal”€ to “€œexactly the same”€ to “€œbadass”€ to “€œinvincible.”€ Now nature is a liar. Can”€™t do as many pull-ups as a man? So what, you”€™re a Marine. Can”€™t lift a body from a fire? Who cares, you”€™re in the FDNY. You”€™re Superwoman! You can race motocross! Reality be damned! And danger doesn”€™t exist. Just the other day a woman was mauled to death by a lion while “€œon a volunteer mission to protect wildlife in South Africa.”€ Remember Kayla Jean Mueller, who died in an air strike after volunteering in Syria? Before she left on her mission she stated, “€œI will not let this suffering be normal.”€ Who did she think she was, George S. Patton?

While explaining why he no longer performs sex-change operations, surgeon Paul R. McHugh said that “€œthere is a deep prejudice in favor of the idea that nature is totally malleable.”€ We may have lost our balls but we still have eyeballs. When Bruce”€”sorry, Caitlyn Jenner declares, “€œI”€™m the new normal,”€ even post-op transsexuals have to admit that’s “€œa bit of a stretch.”€ You can deny that men and women are different. You can deny that gender exists. You can teach it in school and call doctors transphobic misogynists. However, as we learned from Timothy Treadwell, nature doesn”€™t care what you think. Reality always wins eventually. Chopping off your arms is not normal. To encourage it is to encourage suicide. The same goes with turning your penis inside out. I looked up what they do to a vagina and decided not to link it here. You”€™re welcome. Women are inexorably different from men and childbirth is a miracle. You can”€™t buy womanhood from a surgeon. It can”€™t be acquired. You can be an incredibly feminine homosexual. You can even wear a dress. If you think you”€™re anything but a gay man in a dress, you”€™re a mentally ill gay man in a dress. Men are different. They have evolved to be better providers. They”€™re physically stronger. You can be a butch lesbian. You can even wear a strap-on, but you”€™ll never be a man. To deny these basic natural truths isn”€™t progressive. It’s “€œa state of mind that prevents normal perception,”€ which is the very definition of insane. 


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