December 22, 2015

Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a long one, recovery time for many of us. The silliest newspaper in the world, The New York Times, uses it to slip in some propaganda posing as news, but that’s not news for most of us, is it? The Times is first and foremost anti-Christian, anti-normalcy, anti-white, anti-American, and anti-family. It’s also very anti-military, or as the case may be, anti-SEAL.
The latest Times ploy to undermine the American military is a very long, close-to-10,000-word diatribe by three of its “€œreporters”€ accusing an American SEAL outfit in Afghanistan of having committed a crime while training Afghan police officers back in 2012. The paper charges the SEALs with having beaten up an Afghan civilian”€”read a Taliban suspect”€”who later died after his rough treatment. It was never made clear despite the overheated verbiage who among the Americans and Afghans administered the beating. I would guess it was Afghan policemen, but the SEALs get the rap. The Times is calling it a cover-up. But Capt. Robert Smith, who thoroughly investigated the incident”€”he is now a military assistant to the secretary of the Navy”€”opted to drop all the charges.

“€œLagarde will go free, and if she doesn”€™t I will marry Monica Lewinsky in Notre Dame Cathedral. “€

The Navy, unlike the grubby Times, does not convict without definite proof, and while the victim was involved in perhaps planting a bomb, and having been captured and interrogated by both Afghans and Americans, the Navy dropped the charges. But not The New York Times. After all, the men involved were Americans, white and brave. Lying is a way of life among Afghans, so the SEALs had to have a very long and boring article, followed by an editorial, condemning them. Sulzberger and his motley crew should be forced to go and live in that pleasant land for some time, but that’s not how the world works. Incidentally, some Afghan pilots undergoing training in America have defected”€”yes, that’s the operative word”€”and have disappeared somewhere in our pleasant land without a trace. All I can say is, who can blame them? I”€™d rather be a fugitive in Uncle Sam’s land than a pilot in Afghanistan any day.
Over in the old continent, things are not much better. Blowing smoke and playing musical chairs among the ruling elite is what our leaders do. The latest to be charged with”€”get this”€”negligence is Christine Lagarde, the IMF chief who replaced that great moral leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn when the latter was charged with raping an African maid in a New York hotel. (He settled out of court.) Permanently tanned Christine is accused of favoring an arbitration in a dispute between a multimillionaire friend of then president Nicholas Sarkozy and Crédit Lyonnais, the bank, while she was the French finance minister in 2007. The arbitration for hundreds of millions ruled in favor of the Sarkozy-Lagarde friend, Bernard Tapie, a man who had already spent time in jail for fraud.
So what does all this mean to us simple folk? Absolutely nothing. Lagarde will be tried by her peers, a special commission of the great and the good charged with trying very powerful people. That’s a new one for me. Special people like Lagarde are tried by other special people of her kind. She will go free, and if she doesn”€™t I will marry Monica Lewinsky in Notre Dame Cathedral.


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