February 12, 2024

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak

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I have a horrible feeling I may just have accidentally inspired the creation of a new major motion picture.

Just before Christmas, I wrote a festive-themed article for a U.K. website arguing that, when it came to the issue of mass immigration, Britain’s ruinously overcompassionate politicians from the governing “Conservative” [sic] Party should best be modeling themselves after the key, heartless Christmastime character of Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, not some of Dickens’ more bleeding-heart rival literary creations. And then, in January, lo and behold! A new British film (directed by an Indian) was announced, using this as its very plot.

Appearing before Parliament’s Digital Media and Sport Committee, Gurinder Chadha, director of the hit (the “s” was silent) 2002 comedy Bend It Like Beckham, proudly told MPs she was now making an updated version of Dickens’ classic tale in which “Scrooge is an Indian Tory [i.e., Conservative] who hates refugees”—the “Indian Tory” in question being a crude caricature of Britain’s current PM Rishi Sunak.

“Putting fake abstractions like ‘humanity’ ahead of the self-interests and safety of your own nearest and dearest seems to me like a form of severe psychological disorder.”

Failing the Acid Test
The ironic thing is that PM Sunak is not really anything like Scrooge when it comes to refugees at all. He is currently only pretending to be tough on the ceaseless inflow of strange and unassimilable men with equally strange, alien names like Rupinder, Raja, and Rishi across Britain’s borders by talking tough but empty words about the topic, whilst actually presiding over a disastrously lax regime in which convicted Afghan sex-offenders are allowed to stay in the country for no good reason, before then going on to throw acid into the faces of women and children on the streets of London.

I refer here to the recent case of Abul Ezedi, the alleged acid-hurler in question, who was supported in his time here in the U.K. by a Newcastle-based charity, the Justice and Peace Refugee Project; how very charitable of them to facilitate his very peaceful administering of justice toward others in this way! According to a spokesman for the alleged “Scrooge” Sunak, “the PM doesn’t think that foreign criminals should be able to stay in the country, putting the public at risk.” Why don’t you actually deport them all, then, Ebenezer?

Perhaps because, in truth, rather than avatars of Ebenezer Scrooge, the Evil Tory Government so criticized by leftie filmmakers like Gurinder Chadha is actually stuffed full of openhearted Mrs Jellybys like Caroline Nokes MP, an unbelievable woke excrescence who appeared on the BBC following Ezedi’s reported atrocity to argue Britain’s retardedly overcharitable asylum policy was not the real issue here at all. Instead, sensationalist media focus upon “the most egregious offenses” against women committed by Muslim immigrants, like dousing them in acid, was taking focus away from the true problem raging across the nation, namely the endless stream of “misogyny and microaggressions” faced by females like her when going about their ordinary everyday business.

That’s right. Verbal microaggressions like Nokes being repeatedly called “a silly mad bitch with a head shaped like Herman Munster and pure rancid dogshit for brains” (by me, every time I see her) was what ultimately led to innocent mothers and their little girls getting their faces burnt off, not the total insanity of allowing millions of backwards towelheads from lands where rape is often considered the woman’s own fault to walk our streets freely. Abdul Ezedi could have thrown acid into Ms. Nokes’ own face and she wouldn’t have staggered away any more blind than that.

Generous to a (Massive) Fault
Putting fake abstractions like “humanity” (Abdul Ezedi is not really human anyway, just a shaved yeti with a passport) ahead of the self-interests and safety of your own nearest and dearest seems to me like a form of severe psychological disorder. It could have been called Caroline Nokes Disease, but they’ve got that saved up to be the new name for sexually transmitted dog-cancer once it finally ends up making the genomic leap to humans, so they went with “pathological altruism” instead.

Pathological Altruism is the name of a 2012 book edited by academic engineer Barbara Oakley, which argues people with such attitudes are suffering from what might be termed the reverse-mirror equivalent of autism. Autism disproportionately affects male brains, often cutting them off from emotional sympathy for other humans, whereas pathological altruism disproportionately affects female brains, opening them up to excessive sympathy to other humans, even ones likely to throw acid into their faces. Suffering from this particular mental disorder has sometimes been linked by commentators to continued support for uncontrolled mass immigration, even when it has long since become more than clear it isn’t even remotely working.

Altruism makes perfect evolutionary sense within your own family or ethnic kin group, but offering it endlessly outward toward completely alien out-groups with whom you have nothing whatsoever in common, genetically or culturally, is suicidal. If you are extending a hand of insane generosity toward other races and religions who will only ever be minded to chop it immediately off with a scimitar, then you are ultimately colluding in your own race’s eventual enslavement…which isn’t really terribly charitable to your own actual fellow, non-lunatic countrymen who do not themselves wish to be thus enslaved, is it?

Some Clarity About Their Charity
Acts of altruism are also linked to the brain’s limbic system, which, for evolutionary reasons, provides people with pleasurable chemical rewards akin to those usually provided from things like sex, when they perform good acts toward others: handing out so-called “charity shags” toward the disabled, homeless, or recently bereaved would combine the two forms of dopamine hit perfectly, I suppose. In some mentally abnormal people, however, the limbic system would appear to excessively over-reward them for being so very altruistic, leading to their brains quite literally running on acts and positions of public self-righteousness.

Do-gooders are thus having a form of moral orgasm whenever they piously demand the West’s borders be flung open immediately to all-comers, and experience similar quasi-sexual satisfaction likewise when denouncing their opponents as “evil.” This is nothing more than public policy as a form of moral masturbation.

Unfortunately, despite being clearly mentally disabled, these people are not actually stupid, by any means: Even Caroline Nokes can read, write, and add up without a calculator, and as such can always easily devise sophisticated-seeming pseudo-arguments defending the in fact indefensible. What could possibly persuade them to stop?

Whenever I hear of illegal immigrants committing yet another unbelievable atrocity, I often think, “Christ, I wish that had happened to one of the politicians who imported these bastards over here in the first place, or one of their own kids—they’d soon change their minds about it all then!” But, alarmingly, this is not so. Some politicians and mandarins have been thus affected…and have then gone merrily on campaigning for more mass immigration anyway. That is how reverse-autistic these morally retarded anti-Scrooges really are.

In 2016, after Angela Merkel had “generously” thrown open Germany’s own borders to armies of Muslim “Rapefugees” (looking like a retired WWE wrestler in drag, Herr Merkel was the only woman in Berlin safe from the prospect of being thus molested), Maria Ladenburger, the 19-year-old daughter of an E.U. legal official who worked as a high-up in the European Commission, was raped and drowned by an illegal 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker, Hussein K, with an apparent taste in weird online werewolf porn.

The response of Maria’s family? As she had previously volunteered to help local asylum-seekers in Freiburg, they asked the similarly pathological altruism-ridden portion of the German public to make donations to refugee charities, and even set up a similar foundation in her name. For this, the Ladenburgers won a special Citizens’ Prize bestowed by the German media, for setting an “example to humanity.” What, an absolutely terrible one? They should have called it the Jean Monnet Fund Your Own Rapist Award. If that had been my daughter drowned by a cross-border infiltrator, I’d have asked the public to donate me some landmines. Remember, as figures of E.U. officialdom, persons like the Ladenburgers are exactly the kind of reverse-autistic freaks today in charge of “protecting” Europe’s borders.

Letting His Dickenside Your Own Daughter
Equally pathologically altruistic was a court case from last December involving the 2020 gang rape of a 15-year-old girl in a Hamburg park by a group of nine young men “of migrant background,” as they say, only one of whom was actually sent to prison, despite several guilty verdicts being handed down by their judge. Why is gang rape apparently no longer a terribly imprisonable offense in Germany, just so long as it happens to have been committed by immigrants? The last time foreigners could get away with that kind of thing so easily was when Stalin invaded.

One prominent female German psychiatrist testified in court, and to the German press, arguing with her tiny violin out that the rapists had been “pushed to the edge of society and social integration” by “difficulties with language, unemployment or problems with [their] housing situation” that may have led to “fantasies of magnitude” as “a compensation attempt to cope with one’s own misery.” Undergoing such “disorderly, unprepared migration experiences,” she said, may have led the men to gang-bang a nearby schoolgirl as a handy “means to release frustration and anger” at the thoroughly disappointing nature of their new lives in Deutschland.

Therapeutic rape! As a concept, that’s an absolutely classic product of a mind irredeemably riddled and warped with reverse-autistic pathological altruism. And yet, near enough the entirety of the contemporary governing class are riddled and warped with it too, leading the Judges Association of Hamburg to dismiss the predictable wave of subsequent online outcry from the remaining non-mad, non-suicidal portions of the German public as being “a direct attack on the rule of law” (unlike, say, letting large groups of foreigners get away with gang-raping kids), and mere “hate speech” with an unacceptable “anti-immigrant undertone” to it.

Even more illustrative of pathological altruism in action were recent revelations about a BBC Africa editor, Mary Harper, whose hobby was appearing as an expert witness for Somali criminals in U.K. courts, one of whom had sexually assaulted a 17-year-old deaf girl. According to Harper, the offender could not possibly be sent back to Somalia, as, having committed a highly deviant sex crime, he would be placed at “severely heightened risk” of reprisals over there. The ultimate logic? If you’re an illegal immigrant, and want to avoid deportation back home from the West, just go out and molest your nearest disabled child.

If Gurinder Chadha’s new left-wing, pro-immigrant version of A Christmas Carol was truly honest about the consequences of her own pathologically altruistic ideologies, it would feature a scene in which Tiny Tim is forced to limp through the London streets begging not for a Christmas goose or turkey, as is traditional, but for a new pair of iron underpants.

Charity? For men like these? Bah, humbug!


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