November 21, 2011

George Soros

George Soros

Still, the left somehow gets away with posing as a proletarian movement boldly arrayed shoulder-to-shoulder like warrior serfs against legions of predatory corporate-fascist right-wing robot battering rams. This, despite a 2006 study of Fortune 500 companies that showed America’s wealthiest 100 corporations donated $59 million to leftist causes and a paltry $4 million to the political right. This, despite a 2002 Washington Times report that showed when it came to “fabulously wealthy” donors who were able to dump at least $100,000 on a political party, the People’s Democratic Party fetched $108 million while the fatcat GOP corporate stooges were only able to snag $37 mil. And even though he sort of mutely winked and nodded approvingly at Occupy Wall Street, Barack Obama still gets more Wall Street money than any other presidential candidate.

Many on Team Left see nothing weird about having billionaires fund protests against billionaires’ influence in politics. Dare I even mention the bloated gobs of public-union money siphoned from unwilling taxpayers to fund clearly political causes? Scanning the all-time top political donors from the past couple decades, the list is stacked heavy with blue donkeys.

Much of the money goes toward molding the masses’ malleable minds. The multi-billion-dollar Pew Charitable Trusts use the Tides Foundation to manage the famous Pew Center journalism awards. The Tides Foundation also hosts the leftoid-propaganda-grinder Institute for Global Communications. George Soros has a thousand porcupine quills stuck in the American information machine, the most Orwellian of which is Media Matters, which reeks of a near-Scientologist level of lockjawed ideological conformity. And the lavishly funded Southern Poverty Law Center—yes, only a leftist group could be lavishly funded and have “Poverty” in their name—is the American media’s go-to source whenever something remotely “racial” happens.

Maybe some of this “charity” work is a classic case of “money guilt” taken to ludicrous extremes. Possibly as a token of eternal penance for Henry Ford’s whole “Jew” thing and maybe to gloss over the fact that he shipped black scab workers into Detroit to bust unions, the Ford Foundation now expends endless shekels to fund anti-racist and anti-poverty causes. Oil magnate John D. Rockefeller’s hired guards murdered dozens of civilians in 1914’s Ludlow Massacre, and Ol’ Rocky had a tacky habit of posing for pictures where he gave dimes to poor children. These days his foundation’s website has sections on “Basic Survival Safeguards” and “Social and Economic Security.” Maybe George Soros finally feels a squib of remorse for passively enabling his tribesmen to be sent to concentration camps so, I don’t know, he thinks that destroying America will atone for his sins.

Or maybe it’s plain megalomaniacal narcissism. Or a fantastic tax shelter.

Maybe the Fords and Rockefellers are simply still great at business. Maybe they realize you have to keep with the times and maintain a good public image, no matter how flimsily contrived. Maybe those conspiracy freaks are onto something when they say left and right are mere shadow puppets to conceal real-life conflicts between competing elite factions—both of whom want to rule the world and neither of which, to be blunt, ever really cared about “the people.” The people have never been more than their little toy soldiers.

Politics has never been about good guys and bad guys. It’s about two bad guys trying to get your attention and then your wallet.



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