May 04, 2017

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Salon recently did a hit piece on my group the Proud Boys and a new division we”€™re calling the Alt-Knights run by “€œBased Stick Man”€ Kyle Chapman. According to them, we aren”€™t just kids trying to defend ourselves, but the first stage of Nazism. Amanda Marcotte (who I”€™m suing for calling me a Nazi in the same publication) says,

Neiwert said he consults historian Robert Paxton’s theory, published in 1998 in the Journal of Modern History, that delineates the five stages of fascism. Right now, Neiwert argued, far-right elements are seeking to consolidate power and that requires recruiting mainstream conservatives to their side. By going out into the street and picking fights with leftists, under the guise of free speech and self-defense, groups like the Proud Boys and the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights can play the martyr and give ordinary conservatives an excuse to rally around them.”€

It hasn”€™t occurred to any of these people that we really do appreciate the First Amendment and we were created to defend ourselves after being knocked unconscious at Berkeley and repeatedly pepper-sprayed and hit with brass knuckles. Marcotte’s article features a picture of someone wearing brass knuckles (incorrectly), which is ironic considering the shooting at Milo’s talk in Seattle happened after an Antifa kid began punching Trump supporters in the back of the head with brass knuckles as they waited in line to hear him talk. She also cites some logo ideas as proof we”€™re violent. One says “€œGood night Antifa scum”€ and features a silhouette of one of them being stomped. She doesn”€™t seem to realize the image is a parody of the classic Antifa logo “€œGood night white pride.”€ These people are terrible at their job.

Which is probably why it took eighteen authors to pen an article for New York mag entitled “€œBeyond Alt: The Extremely Reactionary, Burn-It-Down-Radical, Newfangled Far Right.”€ I”€™m listed as a “€œhipster racist”€ in this meandering pile of point form notes that gets almost nothing right and continues on the path of turning a blind eye to left-wing violence while pretending right-wing violence is a looming threat. The “€œBurn-It-Down”€ subhead is particularly egregious as the left-wing fires from Milo’s event have continued unabated and were most recently seen engulfing police in Paris.

While all of this amateur journalism struggles to hide left-wing terrorism and perpetuate the myth of a burgeoning American Nazi movement, it’s leading to unintended consequences. They are accidentally red-pilling an entire generation. Millennials are emerging from this mess more “€œright-wing and authoritarian”€ than their parents. They see who the real domestic terrorists are and they don”€™t like it. They see the communists and the anarchists fight against free speech while the new right is willing to defend it at all costs. They see the humorless left bitch about problems that don”€™t exist and claim everything is racist while we ridicule them. They chant, “€œNo Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA”€ while we laugh and come back with “€œYou”€™re fags, go home, you have low testosterone.”€ Which team would you want to be on?


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