July 12, 2007

Neocon Matthew Continetti, an associate editor of The Weakly Standard, is asked if he’s capable of holding a gun. I say he isn’t. I’m not the first one to notice that the War Party’s intellectual Myrmidons are not exactly Conan-esque type figures, but this little twinkie takes the cake:

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His arguments —that we have a volunteer military, after all, and his unwillingness (or inability) to take up a gun in support of his war advocacy is irrelevant doesn’t ring quite true: after all, as subsequent callers pointed out to Senor Continetti, extended tours that keep “volunteers” in the military way beyond their contracted time amount to a form of conscription. And of course, if Continetti and his fellow neocons felt strongly enough about the war—as, say, the fighters for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade felt about the Spanish Civil War—nothing would stop them from signing up. The truth is, Continetti and his confreres wouldn’t last two minutes in the military—and they know it.


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