August 08, 2009

If the U.S. wasn”€™t already insolvent, I”€™d say that Obama was bankrupting the country, and sending the health care we have to hell in a handcart, for the ostensible benefit of less than ten percent of the population. But the U.S. is already in the red, courtesy of the current president and his predecessor.

According to the Census Bureau report, “€œIncome, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2007“€³ (p. 20), in 2007, the number of children under 18 years old without health insurance was 8.1 million. Uninsured, non-Hispanic Whites stood at 20.5 million. At 7.4 million, the number of uninsured Blacks was not statistically different from 2006.The number of uninsured Hispanics came to 14.8 million.

The reported numbers””€between 46 and 50 million””€are inflated. If CBS News says so, you can believe it. The figures factor in illegal aliens and many who already avail themselves of programs for the poor. Children, for instance. Obama has only just expanded the entitlement plan known as the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP.

For the correct number of uninsured subtract the SCHIP-covered kids and another 20 million illegal aliens still in the country. (Although fewer Mexicans are entering the U.S., illegal aliens are not repatriating to Mexico, despite the economic depression, reports the Washington Independent.) 

Large-scale wealth destruction in the purported service of the few””€does that sound familiar? Last year, a bumbling Bush bailed out and nationalized large sections of the financial sector because of a few million bad mortgages. For the benefit of these bad debtors, B.O. has since beefed-up Bush’s initial offering with a $75 billion foreclosure relief plan. Although sources cited by FOX Business estimate “€œthat up to 6 million homes could be lost to foreclosure in the current economic crisis,”€ so far approximately four million loans have gone under, out of a total of 44.4 million mortgages countrywide.  

Heavily concentrated in California and Florida””€thirty percent of mortgages in the Golden State and the Sunshine State are in “a negative equity position,” or underwater””€the beneficiaries of affirmative-action loans currently being foreclosed upon are hardly numerous. Next are Texas, Georgia, and Michigan. That’s it. The rest of the country is paying its bills”€”and theirs, by the looks of it. Because of the State-mandated spoils system for minorities, and thanks to the mediation of the governing lunatics, the entire country is being shoved like lemmings into the economic abyss.

Blue-Dog Democrats have accepted the plan to total healthcare for the few uninsured. The cynically titled “€œAmerican Affordable Health Choices Act Of 2009,”€ disgorged by the lower chamber, will lumbers through the upper chamber””€specifically the Senate’s Finance Committee””€and will be approved subject to tiny tweaks.

The “€œcompromise”€ over this unaffordable, choice-denying medical monstrosity will entail fewer coercive measures and minor cost-saving cuts (or rationing)””€$900 billion instead of 1 trillion over 10 years. The name of The Thing will be changed. “€œCo-ops,”€ however, will offer a good deal of co-optation and not many options. Those who”€™re smitten by B.O.’s Svengali-style hypnotism will welcome the news that he and the secretary of Health and Human Services will be running their cozy “€œco-op.”€

The aggregated wisdom of men acting freely in the market place accounts for the cornucopia Americans take for granted. This abundance does not preclude affordable health insurance. For six dollars a day, the baying Boobus can purchase pretty comprehensive coverage, no deductibles or screening for pre-existing conditions. The average immoral dolt, however, prefers to spend the meager sum on a six-pack and hope that others will be coerced into covering his care.

The uninsured will multiply, not for any other reason than that unemployment is rising (the borders are still flung wide open and no attrition among illegal immigrants is in sight). Lose your job, and you lose your health-care coverage. The Census Bureau survey on health insurance coverage for 2008, to be released in September of this year, will, no doubt, confirm the unyielding trend. Yet instead of creating the conditions for jobs in the private economy, Obama has chosen, Chicago style, to kneecap job creators.

How so? The lavish healthcare expansion, notes the New York Times, would be paid for in part “€œby raising $544 billion over the next decade with a graduated income surtax on the wealthiest Americans: families with adjusted gross incomes exceeding $350,000 and individuals making more than $280,000.”€

Who exactly are those earning half a million to a million depreciated dollars? Rare are the employees who garner such wages in the corporate world, outside of Wall Street. The rich entrepreneur””€the middle-class, small business owner””€that’s who Obama is looking to filch without flinching.

Yet, the constitutionality of singling out a distinct segment of society””€the productive””€for punishment is never so much as raised. The only consideration that seems to counts is, “€œHow many Americans want it?”€

It so happens that attainder laws are unconstitutional (Article 1, Sections 9 and 10). Our high-minded messiah has no authority or right to punish this (innocent) group of people without the benefit of due process. 

And indeed, this immoral drive will miscarry. Penalizing the productive will cause them to go into hiding like a tortoise in its shell.


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